Ground Cherries

Previously, I posted about these things that grow here on the farm and asked if anyone knew what they were.

For two years I’ve been wondering what those things were.

The plant is a little hard to see in this picture because it is growing among my watermelon plants.

But there are better pictures in my previous posts….here….here….and here.

Last year someone sent Tipper some ground cherries and told her to plant them in her garden. She has finally got to see what ground cherries are. And I finally get to find out what these things are that are growing on the farm.

I’ve read that you can make jam and pies with these and I can’t wait for them to ripen this year so I can taste them. I can’t tell you how many of these plants I have pulled up because I thought they were just a weed. ***sigh***

But they grow wild here and I will be on the lookout for them now.

You can find out a little more about them here….and here.

Yes, I’ve been researching since I found out their name!

So growing wild here on the farm we have pecans, black walnut, blackberries, persimmon and now ground cherries. I’m so excited!

I wonder if my Dad had ever heard of ground cherries? I wish he were still around to ask. It’s time like these, the little simple things,  that make me miss him so much.

So do you have ground cherries growing at your place(now that we know what they are)?

Happy Wednesday!


7 comments on “Ground Cherries

  1. Thrilled to hear this, and very tickled to know they are safe to eat… the couple of opened fruits I’ve had beside my keyboard have been sending up tantalising malty perfume I have refused to respond to until i knew more. A bed of towering arrowroot plants is chock full of self sown ones coming along, and will check for flowers coming along in the morning… right now it is nightfall in Queensland, Australia. I’ve got one running to seed in the lawn. Lucky me.

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