From Corn To Sunflowers

My corn patch….


So green and beautiful.



That’s right, I’d had enough of reliving the disappointment everyday so I pulled out the cornstalks and tossed them into the weeds and tilled it up.

What the critters didn’t knock over and eat, the drought burnt up. Grrrrr…..

The sunflowers I planted there didn’t do well either. They only got about 4′ tall when they should have been anywhere from 9 to 12′ tall. They were pulled up, too.

The sunflowers over by the other two gardens have done well. And yesterday I decided I would keep some of the seeds to plant next year. So I went out and found the two biggest ones I could find.

There are two reasons that I grow sunflowers. One, because they are beautiful. Especially when they are huge like these. The sunflower head on the one in the picture was 14″ across.

The second reason is that I cut the heads off them and hang them out for the birds in the winter. That is if the summer birds don’t get them first. The birds had already started picking from my sunflowers so I decided now is the time to harvest the seeds if I were gonna get any to plant next year.

I’ve never harvested them and kept the seeds like this before, but I’m having high hopes for them next year. I was amazed at the amount of seeds that came from just two sunflowers. They are spread out on a baking sheet drying in the sun.

That is a lot of seeds!

I won’t be planting corn in that field again, I have another place I’m thinking of for the corn. If I decide to try again.

So what am I gonna do with the corn patch next year?

Just imagine it full of sunflower blooms!!!

Atleast I won’t be disappointed much if it doesn’t do well.

Happy Thursday!



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