From a Small Seed

When spring approached this year my little herb patch took off.

The oregano and thyme wintered over very well. Which surprised me. I had expected to replant the herbs every year. As you can see I didn’t do much studying up on the subject of herb gardening. But that’s okay because I like to learn by trial and error.

The oregano has done so well that I have cut the stems back twice, tied them up with a piece of yarn and hung them to dry.

And then I waited until it dried and I had time to take it down.

I stripped it from its stem into a large bowl. It makes quite a mess and would probably be better done outside, but hind sight’s 20/20.

Then with my hands I scrunched and scrunched.

With those two harvests I think I have enough to last the year in this quart jar.

Gardening is not just about fresh out of the garden goodness. It’s about preserving what you can to last until the next harvest season.

Gardening is one of my favorite activities. It never ceases to amaze me that something can start from a small seed and produce enough to eat throughout the year.

Happy Thursday!


3 comments on “From a Small Seed

  1. How neat. My husband has a big plant of sage outside, but we’ve never did anything with it. You’ve inspired me to go pick some and hang it up to dry.

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