More Than Expected

This year we have been doing quite a lot of “cleaning up” around the farm. Getting rid of junk that has gathered inside and out. Building an outbuilding to store lawn equipment. Hauling off scrap metal that has accumulated and just basically trying to get the place back up to…..welll….my standards.  And one of the things that has been bugging me is this old camper that was given to us.

Our intention was to fix it up and give my brother a place that he could call home. A place of his own. He was handicapped and relied on disability to make ends meet. If you’ve ever known anyone receiving disability then you know that what he received wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

Getting that camper livable never happened because the money just never came to fix it up and then my brother began spending more and more time in hospitals as his health began to deteriorate. So there it sat with the roof falling in. To start off there was a big hole in the roof from where the previous owners had removed the A/C unit and it went downhill from there. Oh we put a tarp over it and strapped it down but the wind and weather took a toll on the tarp also.

My Captain who is convinced that everything has a use is determined to make use of this camper even if it means stripping it down and just using the frame as a trailer. Which I don’t have a problem with. What I do have a problem with is that it detracts from the beauty of my Bradford Pear trees.

Below is a picture I took in March 2010. It’s only of one of the two trees but you can see what I mean.

These two trees are beautiful when they bloom but I could never get a really good picture of the two of them without that camper in the background.

Now that we have moved the camper to a different place for the Captain to begin his transformation of that camper I can get much better pictures of the trees. And believe me I have already begun snapping away.

I love the green all around, the gate in the background, the fact that you can see through and beyond the trees…..

It is all I expected and more. On the other side of those trees is where my cornpatch is growing and I will soon be sharing pictures with you of the trees with the visible cornpatch.

I am excited for the photo opportunities coming up. Can you tell I really love these trees?

Happy Tuesday!



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