2011 Wheedle Word 9

The last Wheedle Word was….


Makes me think of trees, wildflowers, wild animals, babbling creeks and most of all peaceful.

Taking a walk through the woods has a way of clearing my mind, cleansing my spirit and just lifts my spirits.

I should take more leisurely walks through the woods.

So, how about a new Wheedle Word….



See ya next week!

Happy Wheedle Day!


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2011 Wheedle Word 8

The last Wheedle Word was the color…..


Red is the color of some fall foilage.

Red is the color of a beautiful spring tulip.

Red is the color summer blackberries before they ripen on the vine.

Red is the color of berries that feed the birds in winter.

While red is not my favorite color for clothing or decor it does add beautiful accents, I love it much more outside in nature.

There’s a new Wheedle Word for you….


Now, what are you thinking?

Happy Wheedle Day!!


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2011 Wheedle Word 7

The last Wheedle Word was…..


To me original means first of it’s kind.

Like me.

I’m original.

There’s not another like me.

Although I have been told there’s a girl in Clay County, WV that looks just like me.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Clay County, WV and I never saw her.

I think someone was pulling my leg. LOL

But I do get a lot of people saying they think they know me from somewhere. And they never look familiar to me.

I never forget a face. A name is another story. I’m terrible at remembering names.

So how about another Wheedle Word….

What does the color…


make you think of?

Happy Wheedle Day!


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