It’s A Little Nippy, But Let’s Take A Walk

We haven’t taken a walk around the farm for awhile.

So, get your coat on, it’s a little nippy out, and let’s take a walk.

The dogwood trees sure are pretty this time of year.


I think it’s time to clean the mower. There’s grass growing on the mower deck.


I wonder what made that muddy trail through the clover?


This is one of many abandoned bird nests.


I wonder if a new bird family will move in next year?

Look at this crazy grass.


I would hate to be a bug trying to find my way out of that maze.

Here’s my thinkin’ rock.


Often when I’ve got something weighing on my mind, I”ll search out my thinkin’ rock and sit a spell.

Several problems have been thought out and a resolved while sitting on that rock.

Sometimes we just have to be still to hear God talking to us.

And here’s what I call the thinkin’ tree.


When I was MUCH younger I would have climbed that tree and sat there and pondered about the things important to a young mind. Like school or friends or maybe what I hoped Santa would bring.

Cause I was all about climbing trees when I was a child.

And here’s a rainbow to brighten your day.


I hope each and every one of you are having a bight and cheerful day!



This Could Get Ugly

Let’s go for a walk.

I have a few things to show you.


My wisteria had a few more blooms left after the freeze.


The hickory tree is starting to produce squirrel food.


I hope this little bug sits real still as to not alert what’s on the other side of that leaf to its presence.


Notice how the moon is framed between the limbs?


This sea of clover shows me it’s time to mow. But the honey bees are getting their fill.



Wait a minute…

Who is that?


People by my garden?!

What are they doing?

Excuse me,

I must have a word with them.

They’ll steal all my garden secrets.

I can’t let that happen.

I’m going to get my slingshot.

You might not want to hang around, this could get ugly.

See ya next time! 

Walk Around The Farm, March 2009

On Monday, March 2nd. We awoke to a wonder winterland here on the farm.


The Captain…


and I…


donned our gloves, boots and hooded coats to take some pictures for you. Well, I forgot my gloves in my other coat.

No, it’s not like the big snows that appear up north, but still pretty none the less.

My tulips seem to fairing nicely with their frosty coat.


These are pecan trees on a neighboring farm. They wear their winter white quite well, I think.


The Ford antenna ball on my truck has a new hat.


I think the ice clinging to things is just as interesting.



Notice the ice encased tree bud. These early warm-ups and late freezes are what kills our peaches and early blooms.


And before we could go inside, we had to perform the “breaking of the ice”.


I hope you enjoyed another walk around the farm with me.