Garden Report 2011 – Week 1

This past weekend was the first open weekend after the end of my Spring 2011 semester. And let me tell you I was itching to get outside. In my free time we had begun a few outside projects, but that is as far as we had gotten. Finals came up and I had to spend my time concentrating on those.

But Saturday morning I was outside bright and early and probably had my hands dirty before you had breakfast. Yea, that’s how much I needed to get ouside and free my mind by digging in the dirt.

As I told you before, I’ve decided I’m not planting most of my garden in the same area as the last two years because the garden just didn’t do well. Mainly because of drought, but the bugs and critters played a major roll in what I was NOT able to harvest from the garden.

This year I will only plant there what the critters, large and small, did not seem to be interested in.

Off and on all winter I’ve been thinking of where I want to plant what since I had decided to have several small gardens instead of one large garden. I think this will work out better in hopes that keeping up with smaller gardens will not seem like a major undertaking as is with a large garden. I’ll let ya know how that works out.

So I have plowed the large garden area and it is ready to be planted with the things the critters aren’t interested in (atleast I am hoping the deer won’t find my corn patch again).

This weekend I prepared an area that we cleared. It is ready for green beans and maybe a few tomato and pepper plants.

It is a small area and just perfect for what I’ve prepared it for. The soil looks good, so I’m hoping to have a bumper crop of green beans.

I mowed the area before tilling it up and I used those grass clipping to put down between the bean rows so I don’t have to worry about weeds growing.

I always try to plant by the signs and the time for planting above ground crops is quickly approaching. I’ve got to get the other beds tilled and ready and get those green beans sprouting so that everything is ready to be planted on the best planting dates.

Soon I will plant green beans along the inside of each fence row and about July I will plant green beans along the outside of each fence row. Just to insure that I’ll have green beans all summer. I have never canned green beans before, only frozen them, so I’m hoping by fall I’ll have enough green beans to last all winter. Keep your fingers crossed! I know I will!!

I have a few other things in the works that I’ll show you later, but this is what I’m up to and Spring 2011 gardening has begun.

Happy Monday!


Garden Report 2010 – Week 9

Last week I posted about my new fancy watering system.

That is….. when I can remember to get out there early and turn it on.

Did you know that the best time to water is in the early morning?

If you water during the heat of the day when the sun is shining, it will burn the leaves.

If you water in the evening, the moisture in the ground encourages all kinds of nasty things.

I water when I can, morning or evening, but never during the day.

I may or may not have learned that lesson the hard way.

This past week we had several rain showers and as the Fishing Guy said to me…..”My garden was singing”.

The garden has been having its problems this year.

The lack of water is the biggest dilemma.

But others have arose and taken their toll.

Rabbits have eaten all the leaves off the green bean plants.

And these nasty looking creatures have reappeared.

They really are creepy looking critters.

Oh, look he left us a present.

Sorry, I hope you weren’t eating while reading this.

But how often does that happen? 


I moved my tomatoe plants to the opposite end of the garden from where they were last year.

I was hoping to confuse these creatures and they wouldn’t find them.

They are smarter than I thought.

Maybe next year I’ll cover them with some camoflage netting or something.

Think it’ll work?

Me neither.

But it was fun to imagine.

Can you see them on the ground circling the netting?

Thinking, “I know they’re here, I can smell them. But I can’t find them!”

Yeah, okay, that’s my active imagination at work again.


I have been having other rabbit problems too.

I’ll get to them next week.

But I will say this….

If those wascly wabbits don’t get outta my garden…….

 I’m goin’ wabbit huntin’!


Garden Report 2010 – Week 5

Most of the garden has been planted.

Still a few things to get in the ground.

But I must wait for the “right” day to plant them.

This year I am trying something new.

Tomato teepees.

Well that’s what I call them, anyhow.

I’ve always tied my tomato plants to wooden poles or metal posts.

But I recently watched a movie, “It’s Complicated”. Which, by the way, is hilarious.

Meryl Streep was picking tomatoes in her garden and I noticed that in the movie the tomatoes were tied to something similar.

Of course, their version was fancier than my tomato teepees.

But that’s Hollywood.

Anyway, I have a lot of downed wood on the farm from the droughts of last year and before.

So, I volunteered The Captain to help me and we brought back several cedar posts.

With twine, I tied together the tops of the posts and formed teepees.

This allows me to plant more tomatoes in a smaller space.

And more space to plant other things.

I am really hoping this works well.

The deer found my garden last year.

And I can see they are going to be a problem early this year.

They walked right down through the middle of my garden.

Luckily, they stepped over anything that was planted.

Of course, they don’t want to damage any plants or sprouts.

That would ruin their plans for EATING them later.