What Makes Me Smile – Memories

I haven’t written a “What Makes Me Smile” post in several months.

Too much stress tends to make one not notice the little everyday occurances that bring a smile to our face.

I am attempting to not spend so much time worrying and more time noticing the little things that make me smile.

Won’t you join me?

So this “What Makes Me Smile” post is dedicated to memories.

Memories make me smile.

And I know you have some good memories that always bring a smile no matter what your present situation is.

Several years ago, I worked in a convenience store in the small town where I lived, that was owned by a prominent family who had seen generations live and thrive in that same small town.

 It was where half the town stopped in the morning for coffee and a hot biscuit. They stopped in for a lunch of those hot dogs that were famous in three counties. And they stopped in the evenings to chew the fat or get something needed for the evening.

On the weekends the hunters met there early to plan their expeditions and grab a cup of coffee. Unless they were going coon hunting, then they met just before dark.

When evenings rolled around the younger generation met and planned their night on the town.

It’s also where I was picked on to no end.

One particular morning, I got up to find that my car had a flat tire. The X changed the tire for me, by putting that temporary spare we called a “doughnut” in place of the flat, while I made plans to have the tire replaced when I left work.

After work I went to the local tire shop on recommendations from trusted local friends.

Sure enough, they had a tire in stock and began by replacing the flat tire. But when they began to replace the “doughnut” with the new tire, they found that it had been put on the car backwards.

It was early and dark when it was put on there. A mistake anyone could make.

I think……

I have replaced a tire with the spare, on the side of the road, in the dark, on the same car and it WAS NOT on backwards.

Maybe it was just too early.

I wondered why the car was so hard to drive. The back end didn’t want to follow the front end. I just figured it was because of the “doughnut’.

 And it was.

 Just not in the way that I was thinking.

Needless to say, everytime someone in that tire shop stopped in at the convenience store where I worked, which was daily, this story was told.

Over and over and over….

It didn’t take long for the whole town to know about  the girl who put the tire on backwards.

Day after day, I blushed at their teasing. Just grinning, knowing that I was NOT the one who put the tire on backwards.

Until one day, the guy who replaced the tire came in for his daily lunch pick up.

And, as usual, had a snide remark to make about putting tires on backward.

I told him, “Next time you come in, I’ll tell you how to put one on upside down.”

That generated some laughter from him and a few others standing around listening to our conversation.

And it was the last time I heard anyone make a comment about a backward tire.

It was all in good fun, no harm was meant. Just teasing among a town full of friends.

Any one of those people would have been at my side at any time, if needed.

All I had to do was call for them.

I sure miss that place and the people of that town.

 Now tell me…..

What memory can you share that always brings on a smile?


Charleston 2008, Day One

Where do I begin?

We went to so many places and I took WAY too many pictures.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed searching for the perfect scenes and capturing them. Making time stand still for just a moment.

First, let me tell you…

Everywhere we go, we have adventures. We have dubbed them “The Fencepost Adventures”.

With that said…

10:30 am, we pull out. On our way to Charleston, SC.

Adventure #1:

While still in the driveway, we notice that my in-law’s motorhome is dragging their bikes. They were mounted too low. We stop, take them off the motorhome and put them in the back of our truck with our bikes. And no, I didn’t get pictures.

And we’re off.


This was my view all the way to Charleston, SC.


Adventure #2:

A blow out on the motorhome. New tires, less than 2,000 miles on them. And one blows.

When a tire blows on a motorhome, atleast in their experience, it tears up things under the motor home.

Like the exhaust pipe.

And insulation and wiring under the motorhome. This was mild compared to their first blow out experience.

This was my view for the next two and a half hours.

While waiting for the “side of the road” tire replacer guy.

Adventure #3:

When getting out of the motorhome to inspect the damage done by the blow out…

one of my in-law’s dogs runs out out of the motorhome door.

Not the mild, come when called, dog.

Oh, noooo! The wide open, spastic, young, I hear you, but I ain’t coming, dog. We were scared she would run out into the non-stop, 80 mph traffic. But all went well, she just had to do her business. Then she went to Momma. And after a stern “talking to” by Dad, back into the motorhome she went.

So, after the tire was changed, and a million pictures were taken…

 we’re off.


With no more “adventures” the rest of the trip into Charleston.

So, now that you know how the trip to Charleston went, I can get on with the rest of the visit.

Stay tuned…

Tomorrow, we arrive at the campground.

Ya’ll come back, now! Ya hear!

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