Makes Me Smile – An Unexpected Gift

I came home from  work one day last week to find a gift left for me on my kitchen counter.


From my youngest son.

He knows I love sunflowers!

Not only was I pleased with the little bit of sunshine that awaited me, but the vase they were left in made my smile a little bigger.

Happy Wednesday!


Smile – Junk

My Captain must always have a project waiting in the wings.

And by project I mean something for him to “tinker” with. Like this old Ford Bronco he recently acquired.

When he first brought it home I chided him for bringing home another piece of “junk” to adorn the farm.

Which explains why on Thanksgiving day the children played inside and out. The ladies cooked and chatted the day away. And the men hovered in, around, and over that old Ford Bronco until the engine finally fired and it sat there running like a well oiled machine.

Proving that The Captain in fact DID NOT buy another piece of “junk”.

Then they all began chiding me because they had proven me wrong.

The fact that we all spent the day together chatting, cooking, playing, hovering, chiding and laughing is what is making me smile.

What’s making you smile?

Happy Thursday!


Smile-Small Sacrifice

I have really missed the What Makes Me Smile posts and starting today I am bringing it back.

I know you have missed them, too.

The last “Smile” I posted was almost a year ago when I posted about how happy I was to be finally finishing school. And although I haven’t exactly went down the path I was expecting to take I am still thankful to be finished with school and traveling down the path that was meant for me. I know that those two years weren’t wasted. I WILL eventually make it to the path that I hoped for. God has other plans and I will travel along and keep looking ahead because he is in control and I will accept and be happy with whatever he puts before me.

With that said today I am working and gaining more experience to add to my resume and at the same time I will soon begin to have more time to practice web programming and fine tune my skills. It means getting up an hour earlier on the days that I do work, but that is a small sacrifice to have that extra day off each week.

And that Makes Me Smile!

What’s making you smile?

Happy Thursday!