A Beautiful Sound

Hello Team Fencepost!

I thought that when I changed jobs within my company that I would have more time for writing here. I never dreamed that working 4 longer days would leave me with even less time to write. Oh there are other things that demand my attention like 3 weddings in 3 weeks of friends and family at which my presence was expected. And then there’s birthday parties and balloon events.

My family and I have also began attending church again. Something that has long been overdue and needed by me. I have missed church. Even though I have not been completely out of step with God, I had forgotten how important it is to get that weekly fill of the spirit. I have also begun singing in the choir, something I never saw myself doing. It is a small church with a small choir, but a blessing never the less.


My Mother sang in the choir and at times I feel as if she is there with me singing right along. Certain songs that we sing, you know, the old hymns like “Old Rugged Cross” or “How Great Thou Art”, I can still hear her strong soprano voice gleefully singing each word and never missing a note. In her last few years she was unable to sing, her voice had just left her and I know that it broke her heart. But she is up there. Now singing with a “new” voice. Along with the angels. In God’s choir.

And what a beautiful sound it must be!

One day I’ll be standing beside her singing in that choir with her soprano and my whatever it is that I sing blending harmoniously. Hmmm, that gives me chill bumps just thinking about it. I’m not ready to leave this world yet, but I do look forward to that day.

I’ve heard that a lot of our now “music stars’ began singing in a church choir, including the late Whitney Houston. I’ll bet those are some of their favorite memories. Do any of you have memories of the church choir you’d like to share?

I would love to hear them!

Happy Wednesday!


Silly Songs

One memory my children will have of me when I’m gone is of me singing silly songs.

I can hear the conversation now.

“Do you remember the songs we sang while riding in the car with Mom?”

“Oh yeah; Do you remember “As The Ants Go Marching?”

Then they’ll sing a few lines…..”As the ants go marching one by one, hurray, hurrah……”

“Or how about; Old McDonald Had A Farm?”

“Yeah, I remember, she used to add people in place of the animals and their sound would be something they say, a lot.”

“How about; There’s A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea?”

They they’ll say something like; “I could never keep up with the words to that song.”

“And how about how she used to make things up to add to the song “If You’re Happy And You Know It?”

I know it is a fond memory of my Dad. We always sang in the car.

He taught me the words to “There’s A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea”. And when I was a child I couldn’t keep up with the words either.

We also sang; Green, Green Grass of Home and Clementine.

My kids will have happy memories, just like the memories I carry of my Dad and our car trips. Memories that will give them that warm and fuzzy feeling everytime they hear or think of one of those songs.

I read once of a funeral that played kazoos in memory of a very much loved lady who had passed.

I love this idea!

Do you think I could get my family to sing one of our silly songs at my funeral?

Yeah, me neither.

But it was fun to imagine a whole group of people with tear stained faces trying to keep up with the words to; “There’s A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea”.

Happy Saturday!


Farm Video Uno

I know you’re thinkin’……..WHAT??

What happened to the Farm Photo?

I’m trying something new.

My first ever Farm Video.

I know…EXCITING, huh?

It’s been a little drab up in here.

A little boring to say the least.

Which has been the norm for me, cause I’ve always got my nose stuck in a text book.

A girl’s gotta break away every now and again, though.

So here’s a little video I made to share with ya.

Our resident farm turkey singing what else but….

“Turkey in the Straw”

Fitting, eh?

Just a little Fall fun for ya.

I hope it made you smile.

Have a great weekend!!