Scaring Up In The Corn Patch

Tipper recently published a post about “Going to the cornfield with Pap”.  And like her I like being surrounded by the cornstalk jungle. Even though mine is not a “field’. It’s more like a patch. Only a few rows of corn.

Four to be exact.

I’m still perfecting the art of growing corn on the farm. I’ve never had luck with it before. I quit trying to grow it for several years. But since I had this garden area all ready to plant and because of the critters, I cannot plant a “normal” garden there, I decided to plant it in corn. Since the critters really didn’t bother it much.

Oh, and sunflowers and zinnias. I thought the garden needed a little color to brighten up the all green leaves of the cornstalks.

I go visit it almost daily and sometimes I walk right down through the middle of the rows, just because I like the feeling of being surrounded by green leaves that came from the seeds my son and I planted.

It reminds me of a story that was told to me by a great uncle that involved a moonshiner, a revenuer, a dog and a cornpatch.

I’ll have to tell you about that someday.

If I visit the garden in the evening hours I try to remember to bring my camera because there are other surprises found in the corn patch.

Like hiding rabbits.

It’s so funny, because they think if they sit still I can’t see them.

But I do and I love snapping pictures of them through the tall cornstalks.

And occasionally, they’ll stop out in the open and pose for a photo.

We have a lot of rabbits on the farm and I really enjoy watching them. Almost anytime you go outside in the morning or evening hours you can see atleast one(most likely more). Sometimes poking around looking for food. Or you might catch a glimpse of a white cotton tail as it hops out of sight.

Recently, I sent my daughter a text message asking her if she and her family would like to come over for a swim. Since it was a hot day and I needed a break from homework. And I told her I might see what I can scare up for supper.

She texted back….”Scare?”

I explained that is what people used to say when they went out hunting for something to bring home for supper.

Which is what I think of when I see a rabbit hightailing it out of sight. “I just scared something up, but not for supper”.

But if these rabbits keep multiplying like they have been I may just have to change my way of thinking. I’ll have to confer with Elmer on the secrets of “wabbit hunting”.

Happy Thursday!