Somebody Explain

I have a few questions.

Not hard questions.

Just some things that puzzle me.


Questions like,

why is this cow stalking me?


Why does this tail wag when he can’t even see me?


It’s been months, why isn’t the tractor running yet?


Why did my herbs bite the dust?


Well, except for this one. It’s still herbing away.


Now I have new sprouts, will they fail me too?


Why didn’t the Easter Bunny bring ME an Easter basket?


Exactly how do you know when buttermilk is spoiled?


Why does her tongue never stop?


And why did I take this picture?


I have no idea who these people are.



Can you explain these mysterious goings on?



Team Fencepost Q&A

During the month of October…

I began a reader participation Halloween story.

With great success, I might add. We had a lot of fun adding to the story, checking back constantly to see what others had added.

I vowed to search for other reader participation ideas.

Although with the post and comments on each blog, they are all reader participation activities.

This morning, while thinking of how to involve my readers in my posts…

I came up with this…

I’ll ask a question…

In the comments the reader is to answer my question and pose a question to the next reader.

The next reader aswers the previous commentors question and poses a question to the next reader.

And so on.

This can continue as long a people keep coming back to this post.

Keep it clean, nice and not too personal.

Any comment or question that is unnacceptable, WILL BE DELETED!!

This is just for fun. Let’s keep it that way.

Just to get your mind thinking, here are some ideas.

You could ask favorite color, holiday, food, sport, movie star, music…

Or ask about a dream vacation past or future.

Someone you admire.

Most favorite or least favorite food.

Okay, here we go, I can’t wait to hear your questions and answers.

What color is the vehicle you drive?

Mine is burgundy and silver.

Sitting on God’s Front Porch

Can you imagine?


 sitting on his front porch, watching the world go by?

Shaking his head at the stupid decisions we make.

Nodding in approval when we unselfishly assist someone in need.

I can see him snickering a little at my clumsiness. Like getting my truck stuck in the mud.

Maybe a tear falling when an unkind act is committed to one of his creations.

Knowing all there is to know.

I know that to all things, there is a season. We cannot live forever.

And sadly, some’s time is shorter than others.

When I get to Heaven and get to sit on the front porch with God. I wonder if I will see what he sees? And know what he knows?

If not, I have a few questions that I’d like to ask.

For instance…

What is the purpose of a wasp?

What is the necessity of red ants?

I mean, I understand that ants clean up the trash and crumbs of the earth. I can understand the reasoning.

But why red, biting annoying, persistant little ants?

I know everything has a purpose. I just don’t understand the purpose of those two annoying critters.

And mud dawbers or snakes? What’s their purpose?

Where did cancer and aids come from? For that matter, all the other diseases that humans suffer from?

I think all we need to cure us of those ailments is here on earth. We just need to find it. And we won’t find it in a pharmaceutical.

It’s on or in the earth.

Why must bad things happen to good people?

Why does parts of the earth produce an abundance of food crops, and others not?

Why is there flooding here and drought there?

 I could go on and on. So many things I wish I knew the answers to.

God knows!

I have come the the realization that he won’t give us the information we ask for, until we are ready to understand it.

Sometimes, that means we have to learn from experience. And sometimes, that experience might be something we didn’t really want.

What kind of questions would you have if you were sitting on the front porch with God?