2016 Farm Photo 3

This peach tree were planted 6 years ago.

The peaches get bigger every year.


Happy Friday!



2012 Garden Report 6

Hello, Team Fencepost! It’s time for another garden report.

Since I went to work keeping up with the garden has been quite a challenge. Many of us have very full lives and I’m sure most of you can relate whether you work outside the home or not. Just keeping up with everyday chores keeps one busy enough.

When we dug and leveled a spot for our pool we ended up with many wheel barrow loads of top soil and you know me, I found plenty of places to put it.

For instance, one area of my garden did not have much top soil so I had Boo and the Captain dump several loads there. And there it sat with me unable to get time to spread it out. Weeds started growing and some of our resident red ants decided someone had built a mound just for them and they moved right in.

I guess I’ve said before that I hate red ants. That hasn’t changed and spreading this out has intensified that emotion. As I dug and spread the top soil it also spread the red ants and believe me they weren’t happy to have their home uprooted. So I had to work in stages. Meaning, dig and spread and then wait for them to settle. Then repeat. It took three repeats to get it all spread out. Yea, I can’t stand the little boogers! So anyway, it looks a little better now. I still have work to do there.

I have shown you images of the herb garden I have started, but since we had all this top soil I have began another one. I’m not too sure what I’ll plant there besides the basil that I planted just after filling the raised bed. It got out of control also, but this past weekend was dedicated to yard and garden work. It looks much better now than it did on friday.

I have more onion sets to plant and I am thinking of putting them in this herb garden. I really like eating green onions fresh and I plant them a couple of weeks apart so I can have them growing and ready to pick and eat for several months through the summer. I already have oregano, thyme, cilantro and chives growing in the other herb garden and mint growing in a planter. I don’t want to grow anything that we won’t eat. Do you have any suggestions on other herbs to grow?

I think I’ve told you I have three garden areas. It makes things more manageable for me. When I get time to work in the garden I can pick an area to weed or whatever and I can get that area under control and still feel like I have accomplished something rather than feeling like I am never gonna get that garden under control. I need to give each one of them a name. You know, like I named the sheds. LOL

Among other things going on in the garden….

I’ll be eating cucumbers soon. YAY!

The green beans are blooming.

The corn patch is looking good so far.

The peaches grow bigger every year.

Even though a garden is a lot of work I refuse to let myself think of it as a chore. I love gardening and watching everything start from seed and end in something fresh and wholesome to be eaten by my family and I.

That’s it for this garden update. What’s growing in your garden?

Happy Monday


2012 Garden Report 4

It has been a few weeks since my last garden report and there’s not a whole lot going on but there is a little to tell you about.

The last frost took it’s toll on my tomato and pepper plants, I have replanted from seed. We’ll see what becomes of them, if nothing happens quickly I’ll be buying plants at the local garden center. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

The frost bit my cucumber and green bean plants but did not kill all of them. I’ll have to replant what did not survive.


Green Bean


The cantelope plants are from seeds that my Dad saved back in 2004. I miss him so!

I planted cilantro from seed in hopes that I will have enough tomatoes to make and can salsa and the cilantro seems to be thriving so far.

The peach trees weren’t bitten by Mr. Frost and they are producing well.

That’s about it for now.

How is your garden growing?

Happy Monday!