Sisters Music

I have always been a fan of a capella. I love to hear voices so closely blended that musical instruments are not needed to make listening a pleasure.

A Facebook friend recently posted a video that left me wanting to hear more.

I had never heard of the Ruppe Sisters. Now I am a huge fan.

Just listen to them sing The Christmas Song.

Are their voices not amazing?!

Have you heard of the Ruppe Sisters?

Happy Saturday!



2011 Tuesday Tunes 1

This blog is supposed to be about the things I love.

Music is one of those things.

Most of my life has revolved around it in one way or another.

For me it’s so much more than lyrics. I like music that gets my toe tapping and wanting to get up and dance. Although, there are slow songs that the lyrics really talk to me.

Each week I’ll post a song that is one of my favorites and a video, if I can find one.

This week’s favorite is “Amos Moses” by Jerry Reed.

And just for fun here is a live video from 1982.

That last one shows just how much fun Jerry Reed was.

Such a great loss in 2008 when he passed on.

But what he left behind will keep him with us forever.

Happy Tuesday!


A Walk Downtown, Charleston

Let’s go for a walk around downtown Charleston. Some of these pictures were taken while driving through and some were taken while walking.

This is one of many shops that are on either side of The Market.

First, let me say, there are several ways to get around in Charleston.

By trolley. (bus)

A carriage ride. Which, really, is a tour.

By personal vehicle, moped or bicycle.

By a pedi-cab. How would like to have this guys job?

Or on foot.

Remember the 9 firefighters who died when the furniture store roof collapsed on them?

Here is where the store once stood. Notice the crosses in the foreground. Dedications to the fallen firefighters.

Here is a memorial, located in downtown Charleston, dedicated to the 9 firefighters who lost their lives, doing their job.

There was more than one musician sitting along the sidewalks and parks. Playing their music with cases open, hoping for a donation. I’ve seen this on television before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in real life.

This gentleman caught me taking his picture as we drove by. He smiled for me as he played his fiddle (or violin, depending on where you come from).

Some of the buildings here are old, as you can tell from the brickwork.

In case you can’t read this, it reads, “Charleston Iron Works, Charleston, SC, 1907”.

An alley in downtown. There are many similar looking alleys.

That’s the end of our stroll along the streets of downtown Charleston.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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