Folly Beauty

I think I’ve made it clear how much I like visiting historical Charleston, SC.

And, you must know by now, how relaxing it is to me, to meander along Folly Beach, with my feet in the surf, in search of the perfect seashell.

I take notice of all I see, hear and feel around me. Nature at its finest.

Freezing a moment in time in a picture…priceless! And brings warm memories during those cold, dreary winter months.

As you scroll through the interesting things I found along the shores of South Carolina…


The warm southern breeze blowing your hair, the trees, the swishing sound of the wild sea oats, the dry leaves of the downfall lying along the shore…

The mocking call of a laughing gull as it hunts for its next meal.

The roar of the ocean surf as it rolls and tumbles toward the sandy shore.

The warm, soft sand under your feet and between your toes. The cool surf as it envelopes your feet and legs.

The smell of the salty air.

Imagine these things as you gaze upon these frozen moments…

Wild sea oats.

The pier at Folly.

A two-story crab house.

A serene, majestic Palmetto tree.

A message to my family and friends.

Laughing gulls, searching for supper.

I found this seashell and thought it looked interesting, sitting there all by itself.

I wondered how it would look, if I took a picture through the hole in the shell.

I wondered if the camera would focus on distant objects through the shell.

The more I took, the more I wanted to take.

But it was late and the sun was setting. Putting an end to my experimentation.

Except for the pier, these pictures were taken at a part of Folly Beach that’s not crowded or busy.

It’s a quarter mile walk, or bike ride to this part of Folly Beach.

It’s well worth the time it takes to get there.

 Has your imagination taken you on a trip to Folly Beach?

You can come back any time you like.

Love ya,


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Folly Beach in July

One of the thrills of going to Charleston, SC, is going to Folly Beach on James Island.


It’s my favorite beach. Not that my sheltered country girl self has been to many beaches. But this is my favorite so far. It’s where The Captain and I spent our honeymoon. So it has a special place in my heart.

We like to walk down Folly Road and check out all the little stores. Listen to the music of an open air bar.


Then, play in the water of the Atlantic Ocean.

I like to walk along the beach in search of the perfect seashell.

And in search of the perfect picture.

I like the feel of the sand between my toes, the wind blowing my hair and the ocean water lapping around my legs. It’s peaceful and serene.

It’s God’s beauty. And it reminds you who is in control.

This is what is left of a structure after hurricane Hugo blew through.

You can no longer build on this end of the island. And swimming is not allowed here due to strong currents.

I could sit on the beach for hours. Listening to the wind, the waves lapping, the birds singing and children playing. It’s when I am most at peace.

Where are you most at peace?

The beach, the mountains or another quiet retreat?

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One of My Favorite Places

In just a few days, I will be on vacation at one of my favorite places.

Charleston, SC.

I love the history.

Just thinking that I am walking where so many have walked before.

Where great battles have taken place.

The artisans. Aren’t these turtles adorable?

At the Olde Exchange Building, downtown Charleston.

At the Isle of Palms.

The beaches.

We spend a lot of time searching for seashells.

Morris Island Lighthouse. The Captain is especially fond of lighthouses.

And the funny little critters that walk around The Battery.

And if your wondering…

That is a cast, that Boo has on his arm. He broke it less than 2 weeks before we left on vacation. Consequences of a bad decision. Maybe, I’ll tell you the whole story sometime. I didn’t get pics. I was too busy fretting!!

It was a real bummer for him!

This year he will get to do all the fun stuff he didn’t get to do last year. Like the ocean and the pool at the campground where we stay. Although, we did get the waterproof cast, he was still sore from the break. And sitting in the sun waiting for it to dry, for 2 hours, was not appealing to him.

We made sure we did a lot of things to keep him busy. He had fun anyway. Despite the extra 50 pounds of plaster he had to carry around.

 Tell me about one of your favorite places. Have you ever been to Charleston, SC?

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