The Sound of Water

Over the past few years my emotions have been over hills and down in the valleys.

A roller coaster ride that has taken its toll.

As my brother’s health slowly deteriorated, so did my emotional well being.

Because of past emotional upheaval, I do not turn to friends and family for support.

Not to say that I don’t have a strong network of family and friends, because I do have much support from those who love me.

And I appreciate ALL the support that is given to me.

It is nice to have someone beside me at times and to know that there are friends and family that are a phone call or a click away.

But there are times when I need to find that inner peace.

I tend keep things inside and lean more toward the beauty around me, God’s things, to lift my spirits.

I pray for the things I need to lift my spirits and they are revealed to me just when I need them most.

Sometimes in something as small as a tiny flower. And other times in things as large as a rainbow.

They are there, reminding me that I am not alone. That I am being listened to, watched over and not forgotten.

God’s love is always present.

One of the things that relaxes me the most is water.

A small creek.

A mighty river.

Or the constant tides of the ocean.

The soft babbling of a creek or the sound of a crashing wave is music to me. I could sit lost forever in the sounds of water.

While I sit and listen and watch the flow or churn, I notice the things that surround the water.

The rustle of leaves as the wind blows through.

A bird as it flies quietly overhead.

Critters skampering about.

The beauty of a majestic tree.

The distinct smell of the ocean.

 These are all things made by God, no human can claim rights.

They are gifts to remind us that we are never alone.

He is there.


 Patiently waiting for a chance to reveal himself and his love.

Thank you, Shirley!

What Are Girls Made For?

The other day while taking my son to his weekly karate classes he was telling us about some convicts that spoke at a school pep rally that day.

One was a drug dealer.

One had been convicted of murder for defending his sister.

And one had hit his girlfriend in reflex to a blow from her.

His one hit,

 cracked the bone around her eye and sent her head into a wall behind her, cracking her skull.

Hitting is something we have taught our children is not needed or accepted. Only in self defense and then only to stop the attack on their person.

Which is why Boo is attending karate classes. To learn techniques to stop an attack.

This does not include a good old fashioned spanking on the buttocks. Which I am guilty of, but ONLY when absolutely necessary.

I explained to my son that girls are not made like boys. They are feminine, tender, breakable, frail, if you will.

They are not “tough” like boys. Their bodies are not capable of withstanding such abuse.

This is when The Captain spoke up and said, “God made girls to love”.

That was the end of the conversation.

No further discussion was needed on that subject. Everything was quiet as we sat in contemplation of that comment.

My heart swelled with pride as he made this thoughtful statement to my son. I hope it sticks with him throughout his life.

And it reminded me of one of the many reasons why I LOVE THAT MAN!!