Playing Cards With Arnold

As you know, The Captain and I play cards on Saturday nights with my in-laws.

That includes, in-laws, Mother, Father, Brother and Sister.

We always play girls against the guys. Until this past Saturday night.

Us girls don’t have much luck in the way of cards. The “luck of the draw” is definitely on the side of the guys. We win a game occasionally.

Not often.

So this past Saturday, the girls lost the first game, as usual.

My Mother-in-law decided, after a year of playing girls against guys, it was time to change partners.

She wrote names on six pieces of paper, folded them up and asked my SIL to draw three.

The outcome of the draw meant my BIL and my MIL switched places.

I would still like to see those little peices of paper.  You know, they mysteriously disappeared after the draw.

I still say it was a set up, planned and executed solely by my MIL to get herself on the winning team.

 If you ask me, she got a little overly excited that she was now on the guys team.

We played the next game all the while accusing her of defecting and naming her a traitor.

Yes, this person. My MIL. The one with whom I shared hot doughnuts and cold milk.

Has defected to the other side. She left us girls high and dry. Didn’t even look back. She is now on the opposing team. Now the enemy.

From now on, I will refer to her as Arnold.

This game plays 4 hands and the team with the most points wins the 4 hand game.

Yes, my team lost this game also. I was beaten worse than ever before. At the end of the 3rd hand we were 6,000 points behind with no way to make up that kind of points in the last hand. Why we played the last hand is beyond me. But, play, we did.

I thought she was overly excited to get herself on the guys team…

You should have seen her when they won the game…

Dancing in her seat, whooting and doing the Cabbage Patch.

Made me sick!!!

All competitiveness aside, I love my in-laws,


I don’t think I want to play cards anymore.


Don’t Make My Hair Stand Up!

Saturday night we played cards again.

We usually have fun while playing cards. We eat sometimes snacking, sometimes going out or other times we fix something easy, like sloppy joes. Just a casual get together with the family.

Then we always have a dessert. Ususally supplied by MIL and FIL. And BIL and SIL bring brownies. Since we all have a weakness for brownies.

Don’t you?

Unless it happens to be close to a birthday, then we always have cake and icecream.

But this past Saturday night cards I brought up the discussion of…

You know how a cats hair stands up when they are mad, what if people did the same? That would be hilarious to watch.

Just imagine two people talking. One is talking and the other persons hair starts to rise. You can see  their temper beginning to flare. So does the one who is talking. He starts to back down. Using calming words. The hair goes back down. Then letting his guard down, the talking one says something utterly stupid.

 Then “fwup” the hair stands straight up.

The longer the hair, the taller and longer the sound of the “fwup”. The Captain decided that since guys hair is usually short, the sound that would accompany a flare up would be “zizzz”.

I don’t have a hard time getting “visuals”.  And my MIL began to see these visuals as the night went on. So every little bit one of us would break out in laughter. Then describe what we were “visualizing”. And almost automatically the others would start laughing and run with it. Adding what that visual had made them see.

Picture this lying flat. And then a scowl and “fwup” up goes the hair. Tell me it don’t atleast make you smile!!! Yeah, I knew it would. You just can’t help it, can you?

And what about Don King? Is he always mad or what?

My MIL and I laughed until we cried. And everytime we had another “visual” it would start over again.

The guys didn’t think this was “laugh till we cried” funny. But they did begin describing visuals of their own, which only added to the hilarity of it all.

This is the best of times when you can just laugh and be yourself around those you love the most.

So, tell me about the visuals you received from reading this post.

I would love to tell my in-laws about it next Saturday!