Happy Birthday, Granny!


is The Captains, maternal grandmother.

Today is her birthday.

I’m not gonna say her age. That’s not important. Your welcome, Granny!:wink:

If I live to be her age I hope that I am as healthy as she is and I look as good as she does!

She looks great, she drives and does everything every other normal American does.

I envy her, cause sometimes I wonder if she’s healthier than I am.


She lives in the midwest, where it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

They have tornados and earthquakes and flooding.

Oh my!

We don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. Cause she’s so far away. But we usually get to see her atleast once a year, if “WE” are lucky.

What’s more important is the changes she’s seen in her lifetime.

From no phone to a phone you can carry with you anywhere and call anywhere at any time.

From open window breezes to the air conditioning we couldn’t live without.

From the little building out back that you had to trudge through the rain or snow to get to. To 2 or 3 or more bathrooms in one house. A place on every corner you could stop at if necessary.:shock:

Speaking of every corner. There was no fast food in her younger days.

One bank in town and everyone banked there.

One grocery store. And in it was everything you needed.

People didn’t lock their doors. Didn’t need to. At that time people cared about people, strangers or not.

Granny loves to watch birds. She has a book that she uses to identify each bird that ruffles its tail feathers in her back yard. No more, “look at the pretty red, blue or yellow bird”. It’s, “what a beautiful cardinal or indigo bunting that is”. Not that she didn’t know the most of them, the book tells her about the unusual visitors to her back yard.

Granny, we hope your having a Wonderful Birthday! Relax and enjoy!

And we hope to see you soon!