Here’s Your Chance

Hey Team Fencepost!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Farm Photo Friday to bring you this…….

Do you like goat milk soap? Or have you not tried it before?

Here’s your chance…..

Well Mary over at Annie’s Goat Hill is having a contest to win a farm fresh bar of goat milk soap.

Mary has her own goats and makes her own soaps as organically as possible right there at the farm. I have personally used this soap and LOVE it!

She also makes goat milk lotions, scented and unscented. So stop in over there and give your guess for a chance to win!

Here’s the link to the contest page.

Good luck!!!

Happy Friday!



Someone To Shovel

When we received our 2nd snow storm this year, (very unusual for our area) I went and bought this.

We have shovels, but not flat shovels. Ones you use for digging holes in the dirt. Not for clearing snow.

I have a broom, but when the snow is wet,  a broom is not much help. Not to mention it wears out your arms trying to sweep it off the porch.

When I bought that shovel I wasn’t sure if I would have a need for it again this year. Cause like I’ve said before, we don’t get much snow in these parts.

But we did get another snow. One that came up from the south. (I still can’t get used to that)

And my shovel worked great!

Not long ago, I entered a comment on a blog, hoping I’d win a giveaway.


I won soap and lotion!

Not just any soap and lotion.

Goat milk soap and lotion from Annie’s Goat Hill.

Mary makes the soap and lotions as close to all natural as she can get. She strives to make it as pure and gentle on the skin as possible.

And the scents!

So many to choose from. Made with essential oils instead of chemicals.

When she told me I’d won, I asked if she would send me some samples of a few different scents.


Love that Mary!

She sent Honey Oatmeal, Honeysuckle and Baby Powder, along with the Lavender that I won.

A variety to tickle you nose while you bath with a soap that’s easy on the skin.

What more could you ask for?!

And just in case you’re wondering….

Honeysuckle is my favorite. I could close my eyes and almost see the blooming honeysuckle vines.

That’s one of my favorite scents.

Thanks, Mary!


 if I could just get someone to do the shoveling while I take a long, hot bath.