What Makes Me Smile, part X


The color orange makes me smile.

Carolina Trumpet Vine.

Orange is so bright and cheerful.

2009 Dodge Challenger.


Lillies from my garden.

Hot air balloon, the inside.

The orangish/brown of a giraffe.

Giraffes are another thing that make me smile.

The warm glow of a sunset at Folly Beach.

A contemplating frog. Wonder what he’s thinking about?

A gift from my Mother-In-Law.

Orange makes me happy. Just the sight of it brightens my spirits.

What is your favorite color?

What is making you smile this week?

PS. I’ll be home soon!!

Miss ya!!

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Nose Collectors

I have begun collecting pictures of critter noses.

I think they are so cute.

Close-up shots of noses.

Of course, I think critter behinds are cute, too. But I don’t want to be caught on the farm, following around my critters trying to get a picture of their patooties.

Imagine the gossip!

 My neighbors would think I’m insane. Don’t you think?

So, I’m gonna stick to getting pictures of the other end.

This all started a few years ago, when a friend, who has cows, gave me a close-up shot of a cow’s nose. I was smitten and a little amused. I’m gonna try to find it, to add to this post.

Here are some of the pictures in my collection. Remember, I’m just getting started. So there’s not many.

One of my dogs. Nanook

This is a friend’s cat. She took this with her camera phone.

 One of my horses. Haley.

And a giraffe nose, from the St. Louis Zoo.

Getting a good picture of a critter nose is not easy. You have to get them to hold still long enough for the camera to focus. That’s the hard part.

Go ahead, try it.

I would love for you to join in with me. Take snap shots of your favorite critter noses and contact me. The pictures don’t have to be perfect. Just look at mine! Just a critter nose.

I’ll get the link for your picture and add it to my collection.

Once, I have several new pics, I’ll make a new post and show them off. Be sure to send me your name and URL. So I can add a link to your site.

I’m gonna leave this up over the weekend, so you’ll have plenty of time to get those noses.

Come on, join the fun. It’s not easy. But it’s fun!

Let’s see how many noses we can collect!