2012 Fall Update 1

Hello, Team Fencepost!

I started this post by writing an update and then I realized that maybe it was too much to write in just one post so rather than overwhelm you I broke it up into several Fall updates over the next few days.

You’re welcome.

Things are starting to wind down around here a little. Football is over for the season. And what a good season is was! The JV team that my son plays on is undefeated. It’s the first time in the 6 year history of the school that the JV team has left the season undefeated. It says a lot for the up and coming varsity players.

And speaking of varsity, they only lost one game this season. Now they are grappling for the state playoffs. So far they are still in the running with only two games left to play. Next week they play the team they lost against during the regular season. We are keeping our fingers crossed and cheering them on.

The varsity team won state last year and we are hoping they win again this year.

Come back tomorrow another Fall update.

Happy Sunday!


Fire, Football, Pics etc.

Hey Team Fencepost!

We’ve been busier than a cat in a sandbox around here. It seems the days just fly by. I thought I’d fill you in a little on what’s been going on around here.

We’ve been carving pumpkins that we bought from a local farm since I didn’t grow any this year. Even when I do they rarely get big enough to carve.

The farm had a pumkin patch, hay ride, corn mazes, petting and feeding critters and other activities. It was lots of fun! I didn’t get any pictures because out of the 4 cameras I have I grabbed the one with the dead battery. grrrrr…….

We’ve celebrated birthdays.

That was a beautiful cake.

Sat around the fire pit every chance we had.

We have really enjoyed this little fire pit that I built. I wish I had thought of it sooner!

And then there’s been football….

And more football….

I have taken a few pictures, but I don’t find much time for that either. The rabbit has been lonely.

Mr. Bootz is a happy cat. And he keeps the mouse population under control around here, too.

He’s a good kitty and we are so glad he found us.

And here’s the last photo taken of the Bradford Pear scene.

Dead cornstalks in background and all.

Besides work that’s what I’ve been up to.

What have you been up to?

Happy Monday!


Autumn 2012

arrived rather silently here on the farm. Now that I’m working things tend to sneak up on me.

The fallen hickory nuts and the black walnuts are a true testament that fall is full swing.

My father-in-law informed me that the pecans have begun to fall, but as usual my trees hang on to them until the last minute.

The mums are in bloom and the succulent blooms have put on their autumn shades.

And the boys of fall are finally getting to put those summer long practices to the test.

As much as I love spring and summer, autumn is by far the prettiest time of year!

Remind me that I said that when I am weary of winter and declaring that spring is the prettiest!

Do you know what else has arrived?


And October means Halloween. And Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate. I love all things spooky.

This year I am turning over the decorating to the teenagers that hang around my house. I will get out the decorations and turn them loose. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

I’ll be posting pics so stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!