The Kitchen Sink

I live in the country.

No cable tv, no garbage pick up, no sewage service and no city water coming to this house.

Which means I have satellite tv, I haul off my trash to our local convenience center, we have a septic system and our own well.

But we do live in modern times…..we don’t haul our water up with a bucket, we have a submersible pump with a pressurized system that brings it up with the power of electricity.

A few months ago, we lost all water pressure. Fearing the worst, that our fifteen year old submersible pump had went out, we began to investigate and found that it was only our pressure switch that had failed.


But we had never replaced one before. With the advice and instruction of a friend, off we went to our local home improvement store to purchase one.

Once home again, we replaced it. But we didn’t have as much water pressure as before.

Although the pressure guage read that we had 85 lbs. of pressure. Now, anyone who has a well pump knows this is way too much pressure. And knowing we had lost pressure, we knew there was something wrong.

Under the instruction of our friend, he suggested we replace our guage, find out what the real water pressure was and then turn up the pressure switch to a desired water pressure.

This was done this past weekend. Yes, we have lived with low water pressure for months now. And I have had the pressure guage in my possession for months. We just haven’t had the time to replace it. And were half afraid we would cause more problems by attempting to replace it.

That’s just the way things are around here, we replace one thing only to find we have created one or more problems.

Frustrating is the least descriptive adjective I can use to describe our adventures around here.


that was not the case this time. We replaced the pressure guage, turned up the pressure and once again enjoyed full water pressure.

Except at the kitchen sink.


We still had little water pressure. It takes about 10 minutes for the hot water to reach the kitchen.  (No, I am not exaggerating.) When we needed hot water in the kitchen, we turned on the faucet and walked away.

The faucet is only a few years old and has never had the greatest pressure.

So The Captain and I decided that since the newly pressurized water system hadn’t fixed the faucet, it must be the faucet itself. We began disassebling the faucet.

Aside from the filter screen at the end of the water spout, we found another one at the base of the water spout. We removed it and reassembled the water faucet.



I have water pressure!

I don’t think I have ever had this much water pressure in my kitchen.


Everytime we leave the house, I come back inside and check to make sure I still have water pressure. And it is not a dream. I yell through the house,”it’s still working”or “we still have water pressure in the kitchen”.

The Captain snickers and says, “Did you think it wouldn’t be?”

So, if you think you should have more water pressure in your faucet, before running out and buying a new one, take it apart and check to see if there is another filter in there.

No more waiting ten minutes for hot water. No more waiting for a pitcher to fill with water, forgetting it was filling because it took so long to fill that my attention was taken by something else, returning to find that the pitcher had ran over and diluted the tea I just made. Forcing me to make another pitcher of tea.

I think I have just found an extra 45 minutes per day. Time that I won’t be waiting for the hot water or rinsing and rerinsing cause it takes so long to get the soap off the dishes I washed that don’t go in the dishwasher.

I don’t remember having EXTRA time before.

Tell me….what do I do with it?