Fireplace Swag

About 3 years ago I created this swag to hang over my fireplace to add a little more decoration at Christmas time.


Sorry for the image quality!

I liked the swag so much that I left it there all winter and into the summer when I decided it was too Christmasy and put it away.

I had seen this idea somewhere and loved it so I had to recreate it.

I already had plenty of red and green fabric and a spool of mop string so I began ripping fabric into about 6″ strips.


The tying them with an overhand knot to a length of mop string with a loop on each end that was measured to fit my fireplace.

Somewhere I had bought this string that had cute little knit caps hanging from it.


So I got the bright idea to hold it alongside the mop string and tie the fabric strips around it too.


It’s really adorable and I love it hanging there giving the fireplace a pop of color during the Christmas holiday, besides just the stockings hanging there.

Next year I’ll probably find a strand of white lights to blend in to brighten it up even more.

Because I tire of it about the time spring rolls around I have decided to make another for winter.


This one is mostly blues, whites, yellows, brown, and black with a little offwhite and red mixed in.


As you can see I also incorporated some blue lights among the fabric strips.


I really like it hanging there with the cutting board chalk board I made.

I’m thinking this spring I will make one for spring/summer and then another for fall.

I’m really looking forward to the fall colors (oranges, browns, reds, yellows……).

This way I can change it out for the seasons and I’ll never tire of any one swag.

I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to each season’s change.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Not that I get much time for crafting, but this was a quick creation that I could put down and pick up when I had a minute or two.

What have you been up to?

Happy Monday!!

TFP  🙂

Autumn 2012

arrived rather silently here on the farm. Now that I’m working things tend to sneak up on me.

The fallen hickory nuts and the black walnuts are a true testament that fall is full swing.

My father-in-law informed me that the pecans have begun to fall, but as usual my trees hang on to them until the last minute.

The mums are in bloom and the succulent blooms have put on their autumn shades.

And the boys of fall are finally getting to put those summer long practices to the test.

As much as I love spring and summer, autumn is by far the prettiest time of year!

Remind me that I said that when I am weary of winter and declaring that spring is the prettiest!

Do you know what else has arrived?


And October means Halloween. And Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate. I love all things spooky.

This year I am turning over the decorating to the teenagers that hang around my house. I will get out the decorations and turn them loose. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

I’ll be posting pics so stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!


Just To Satisfy My Curiosity

It’s that time of year.

The leaves are falling….

Among other things around the farm.

The hickory nuts are all over the place.

The black walnuts are here and there.

The pecans are the last to fall.

The trees hang onto their treasures till they no longer can.

Soon me and the squirrels will be battling it out for those long awaited treasures.

 But while I’m waiting, I’m shelling the remainder of last year’s pecans to put in the freezer.

This afternoon while I was sitting there cracking away…

I got to thinking….

How can three people who live in the same house pronounce the same word three different ways?


For instance,  I pronounce it p’cons, totally ignoring the E and pronouncing the A as the short O sound.

The Captain prounces it PEEcons. Putting the emphasis on the first syllable then pronouncing the A with the short O sound.

Now Boo, on the other hand, has probably the most correct pronunciation with PEEcans. With the long E sound, the emphasis on the first syllable and also using the A like it was meant to be used..short vowel sound.

I’m just wondering how that happens.

The Captain and I are from two different parts of the country, so I understand how we can each pronounce it differently.

But Boo has never lived anywhere but here.

You would think that he would pronounce it like one or the other of us.

Maybe the way he says it is how it’s said in South Carolina.

I’ll have to start striking up conversations about pecans with the natives just to see how they say it.

And now I’m wondering how do you say pecans?

So here’s a poll.

Just to satisfy my own curiosity.

But just in case you’ve become curious now that I’ve brought it up, after you vote you will see the results of those who’ve voted before you.

Oh, and thanks for satisfying my curiosity!