Singing Captain

Green acres is the place to be……


Farm livin’ is the life for me….




nothing will put a smile on your face any quicker than to hear The Captain singing the Green Acres theme song while sitting on the tractor. Which he usually does.

Unless, of course, he’s wearing his bibbed overhauls. That will make you laugh.

Here’s some random shots from the farm.

Some of you,


 one of you,

wanted to see my camper. So here it is, just in case anybody else wanted to see it, too.


It’s not too big, just 24′, with no slides. We could use a little more room. But for now, it’s big enough. It’s paid for and who needs more debt in this economy.

Look what happened to my mum, while I was on vacation.


I’m slowly nursing it back to health.

And I’ll leave you with a view from my kitchen window.



It’s purty this time of year, with all that hot pink from the crepe myrtle tree.

What’s outside your kitchen window?


Thistle’s and Things

Here are a few pictures I took, while in Charleston, South Carolina, that just didn’t fit anywhere.

I decided to make a collage of pictures. And share them with you.

These mushrooms grow wild in the dogwalking field. I stuck my foot in there so you could see the size of the mushroom.

This owl is lit up everynight at the campground entrance. It’s about 50′ tall.

Look! It’s winking at you.

Fountain in a pond at James Island County Park Campgroud.

From where I mailed postcards to friends and family.

A tin man hanging from an awning.

A thistle, ready to set its seeds where ever the wind blows them.

Puppy tracks in the sand.

A crepe myrtle in full bloom.

Not exactly sure what this is supposed to be. Maybe you do?

Compare the size of this propeller to the street sign beside it.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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