Ferry Ride to Fort Sumter

While in Charleston, SC, we took the ferry ride to Fort Sumter National Monument.

To board, we went into downtown Charleston. To the Charleston Harbor Area.

Below, is where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers merge, forming the Charleston Harbor, and enter the Atlantic Ocean.

Notice the ship, waiting to enter the Charleston Harbor.

The ferry is double decker. The top is an open air ride and the bottom is air conditioned. It has restrooms and a snackbar, just in case you feel a hunger pang before you get back. The tour lasts about 2 and a half hours. The trips by ferry to and from last about 45 minutes each, with an hour to explore Fort Sumter.

During the ride, there is a recorded narration about Fort Sumter and the things you see during the ferry ride to and from the fort.

A park guide will tell you interesting facts about Fort Sumter and answer any questions you may have.

There is a gift shop and a museum to browse through at the fort.

Below are pictures I took while exploring the fort. I hope you enjoy them.

These pictures above and below are the living quarters of the men stationed at the fort. From ground level and from above.

When originally built, it was three stories high. The damage from the Civil War has reduced it to what’s left of ground level.

Below, is the view from a look-out tower.

I wonder when this pier (or what’s left of it) was originally built?

A view of Charleston, from the fort.

From this view, I imagined the soldiers, scared and hiding from the, seemingly, never ending cannon ball explosions.

I hope you enjoyed the trip to Fort Sumter National Monument.


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