Sausage Pie

Good morning! I’d like to share with you a simple recipe that one of my work friends shared with me. Actually, there are a couple of breakfast ideas wrapped up in here.


To start, my son and I are NOT breakfast people. Not at breakfast time anyway. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we LOVE breakfast food it’s just that we are a little queasy first thing in the morning.

For years the only thing we could eat first thing in the morning was chocolate milk and toast with butter. But when my son began football they also coached him on eating right. Which has helped him tremendously. Then I began looking for ways to help him eat healthier which is a challenge because he is not a fan of vegetables, which he calls “rabbit food”.

A friend at work alternates between a low carb diet and a low calorie diet along with walking. We talked a lot about food, carbs and calories. She told me about a dish that she sometimes fixes for her and her hubby.

In a pie plate she mashes sausage around the bottom and edges to form a pie crust shape then beats some eggs, scrambled egg style, pours that on top of the sausage pie crust and bakes at 350F till done. You can also top with peppers or cheese or whatever else you desire. Then just cut it up like a pie and serve.


On the day I took the pictures it was just my son and I at home so I made a smaller one with a small loaf pan.


Then she told me this is called quiche. Yeah, I had never eaten a quiche till now.


But my guys love it on a lazy Saturday morning.

Then I started thinking of how I could incorporate this into my son’s breakfast before school.  It’s the most important meal of the day so rather than load him up on carbs which is the bread (toast) he usually ate I cut back on the carbs and added food with less carbs.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work in the morning, but really it’s only a few extra minutes added to my lunch making time and with a little prep work it takes less time in the morning.


I buy a roll of sausage, we like the sausage with sage. I cut it into patty size slices and store it in the fridge. Each morning I put one slice per person into the frying pan, mash it up and fry it.


While the sausage frying I crack eggs into a bowl or, in my case, a measuring cup. Add a little milk, seasoning and beat them up like scrambled eggs. Once the sausage is done I just dump the egg mixture on top and cook like scrambled eggs.


It’s a more satisfying and “stick with you” breakfast than just toast. And it has less carbs.

Now if I could just convince him that “rabbit food” is not only good for you, but it tastes good, too!

Happy Wednesday!