Lantern Weed

Awhile ago, I showed you a picture of a weed that I didn’t know the name of.


I dubbed it “Lantern Weed”

Someone was curious what was inside.

Check it out. A berry of sorts.


Someone mentioned that it was a gooseberry plant.

I guess it kinda looks like a gooseberry.

Someone else mentioned that it looked like a chinese lantern plant.

So I took pictures just before the frost put it to sleep for the winter.


Not much change, a little shriveled and the veins are deeper in color.

They mentioned that it would turn orange. Which, I will tell you, I was hoping for. Since it’s my favorite color.

I’m still not sure if it’s a gooseberry, a chinese lantern, both or neither.

I took this picture after the frost. Sorry about the focus. The Captain mowed them down before I realized the picture quality wasn’t up to par.


Several said it was edible. Well, until I find out exactly what it is…….

I’m not eating nothing.

Would anyone like to be the royal taste tester?

UPDATE! We now know what these are.