Saucy Sunday – Smoked Chicken

Before I get started with Saucy Sunday I want to say,


to all the Mothers who visit us here at Twisted Fencepost.

I hope you have a beautiful and relaxing day!

I promised, when The Captain got a smoker for Christmas, to let you know how it works.

Here it is May and I still haven’t written a post about it.

Sorry! Please forgive me.

It’s not that we haven’t used it, it’s just that I keep forgetting to take pictures. I still don’t have all the pictures I wanted to post with this, but I’m posting it anyway.

The first time we used it, I went by some instructions I found on the internet. And the chicken was really good. But we did a little asking around and experimenting.

The first thing we do is rinse the chicken, remove the giblets and soak the chicken in a brine made with kosher salt, sugar and water. ( brine recipe posted below) I rinse the giblets and put them in a freezer bag. When I have enough for a mess, I will fry them for The Captain. Not me. Yuck!


Then drain the chicken, rinse and drain again.


Then, I apply a rub of lemon garlic and italian seasoning.


Now you must get the smoker ready. Soak some wood chips in water, I used Hickory. Then drain the water from them and add them to the pan that fits inside the bottom of the smoker. And put the pan inside the smoker.


Put the chicken on a stand and set inside the smoker.


This is one of the changes I made. The bird is much juicier if you put a can of beer inside the chicken. But that is impossible with the chicken on the stand. The stand that came with the smoker (pictured above) will not fit down over a can of beer. While I  was out shopping with my Mother-in-law one day, I found this one.


It was made for a can to sit inside and the chicken fits down over them both. It works much better without toppling.

Put the top on the smoker. Add the charcoal to the top and sides of the smoker and light.


Then you wait. It takes about an hour to thoroughly cook a whole chicken.

Also, I tried the marinated chicken recipe I posted earlier with the smoker and it was also delicious. The only change I made to the original recipe is that I didn’t cut up the chicken, I left it whole and I didn’t precook it. I soaked it in the brine, rinsed it and marinated it overnight in the marinated chicken recipe.

Then continued as explained in this post.

I hope this is enough information to encourage you to try smoking chicken, you won’t regret it.

Presently, I have pork ribs waiting to be smoked. The Captain is excited about this. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Salt Brine for Chicken

one cup Kosher Salt

one cup Sugar

one gallon Water

Mix all ingredients in a large container until dissolved. Add chicken, making sure it’s completely submersed. And soak for about four hours.  

Cherry Place Farm, part 2

I told you about our recent trip to a local pumpkin patch. At Cherry Place Farm.

Here are more pictures I took while there. In the first post, I concentrated mostly on profiling the Pumpkin Patch.

This post is mainly just miscellaneous pictures I took while there.

They have many interesting things tacked up inside the barn.

And sitting around inside.

And chickens running around all over. Which I spent my time following.

If you notice that foot action in this one, you’ll see that she was scratching the ground.

The chicken behind her was following behind and checking out the scratching.

This would have been a great shot if I hadn’t cut off part of the chickens head.

I thought this rooster had beauiful coloring.

This barn cat found himself a warm place for a nap. Made me wonder if this is a regular napping spot.

Field corn, ready for picking, in the corn maze.

I do hope you enjoyed another trip around Cherry Place Farm.

Cherry Place Farm Pumpkin Patch

Recently, Boo, The Captain and I went to a local pumpkin patch.

To Cherry Place Farms.

We needed a jack-o-lantern. And I would rather buy one from a local grower. I decided, instead of just buying a pumpkin, to pay the entrance fee and roam freely around the farm. I’m all about supporting our local people.

They have many critters…



(for those of you who know my “cow” history…this is a show cow, very tame, inside a pen and The Captain was standing right beside me) For those of you who don’t and are curious, you can read about it here and here.




We took a hayride around the farm, past the ponds and cows, to the pumpkin patch. The tractor was driven by their thirteen year old son. How cool is that?

We stopped to pick out some pumpkins. Boo picked out one for a jack-o-lantern. And I picked out a couple for pie making.

They had several activities for younger children like grinding corn…

 playing in the sawdust…

and adopting a little pumpkin, at the Punkin Hospital.

Boo has grown out of the little kid stuff, but he seemed to enjoy the hay ride.

And he had a lot of fun leading us through the corn maze.

He even climbed up on the observation tower to cheat a little.

I think my favorite part was following the chickens around trying to get a good picture. I enjoy listening to them clucking and watching them scratch at the ground.

They are active in the 4H with the cows, sheep and chickens.

And you know me…

I had to question her about it. It’s not something I’ve been involved with, but always had an interest in. She’s gonna send me some information. Who knows maybe I’ll see her at the county fair.

I bought some fresh eggs from them. I haven’t had a fresh egg in a long time.  I couldn’t wait to get up Sunday morning and fix breakfast! It was delicious, just ask The Captain and Boo!

We had a good time and they really made us and everyone else feel welcome.

I have already told everyone I know about it. They’ll probably be getting more visitors just because of my big mouth. tee hee!

They were even having a drawing for one of their humongous pumpkins.

This is their first year to have the Pumpkin Patch, and I believe it has been successful.

I’m already getting excited about next year!

P.S. Be sure to check in tomorrow, Team Fencepost needs some help from my teammates! I’m having a little issue.