2012 Farm Photo 13

Boots is earning his keep.

He stands vigilant watching and waiting for those furry critters to stick their nose out.

Then he creeps.

And through the house they go……….the mouse running for his life, and the cat hot on his tail.

The mouse finds a corner to hide and Boots sits patiently and waits.

Back and forth they go.

So far Boots has captured 9 mice “that we know of” and I’ll admit that mouse #10 is giving him a run for his money.

I have lost count of the times I have been witness to the escape of mouse #10.

But I have faith that Boots will eventually prevail and be on the search for mouse #11.


Happy Friday!


The Many Faces of….


“Man that sun is bright.”

“Look into my eyes….”

“Do as I say human or I will blast a hole through you with my gamma spectro laser rays!”

“If I pretend to be submissive to the humans will you share that bacon with me?”

Sometimes he has a look that says if I look at him the wrong way he will rip me to shreds with those razor sharp claws.

Oh, I know he don’t mean it, he’s only a little irritated that I woke him from his cat nap. Atleast that’s what I keep telling myself.

Happy Wednesday!