Little Bursts

We are going on a South Carolina wildflower walk today, around the farm.

These little bursts of color that catch my eye are all growing here on the farm.

I really should get a wildflower book, cause I don’t know the name of most of these.

Like this one…..


Or this one….


I know it looks like a dandelion, but that is not what this is.

Or how about this one……


So small and dainty, but beautiful.

Could this one be a Black Eyed Susan?


Carolina Trumpet Vine…….


Of course, everyone knows this one….


The daisy is my favorite flower.

And then there’s this….


I know it’s just clover. But this clover is special.

It’s huge…….


I have never seen clover this big. Have you?

And do you know the names of the flowers above?

What Makes Me Smile, part X


The color orange makes me smile.

Carolina Trumpet Vine.

Orange is so bright and cheerful.

2009 Dodge Challenger.


Lillies from my garden.

Hot air balloon, the inside.

The orangish/brown of a giraffe.

Giraffes are another thing that make me smile.

The warm glow of a sunset at Folly Beach.

A contemplating frog. Wonder what he’s thinking about?

A gift from my Mother-In-Law.

Orange makes me happy. Just the sight of it brightens my spirits.

What is your favorite color?

What is making you smile this week?

PS. I’ll be home soon!!

Miss ya!!

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