Saucy Sunday – Burnt Eggs

Last Saturday night, while playing cards with The Captain’s parents…

the subject came up of food and cooking.

I don’t remember now exactly what The Captain was referring to, but he stated that I didn’t cook it long enough. Burn it, was his words.

I stated that I never put enough cheese on anything either.

Fast forward to Monday morning, I was cooking an egg for an egg sandwich for myself. While I was preparing my sandwich, I asked The Captain if he would like one and would he like me to leave everything out for him.


Knowing that I don’t burn the egg enough to suit him, I let him make it himself. I just have a hard time cooking an egg TO DEATH.

And that’s when it dawned on me.

Here’s my thinking…..

While The Captain was growing up, his parents must have burned everything they cooked.

And then smothered it with cheese to mask the burnt taste.

Hence, not cooked enough, burnt, and not enough cheese.

That explains a lot.


And with three boys, I can understand how they could get sidetracked and drawn away from the kitchen and the food that was cooking.

The Captain’s parents read this blog, so I am expecting the defense in the comments.

(Love you, Mom and Dad!)