I spent my day off last week, getting the tires rotated on my truck.

Free rotations to keep the warranty on the new tires I bought last summer.

Must be done every 3,000 miles. Or the warranty is voided.

For the price I paid for those tires, the rotations SHOULD be free. Geez! That hurt the bank account!

I don’t like seeing my truck like this. This truck is so big, I worry about it falling off the racks. This isn’t too bad, although if it would fall, it could cause some damage to the hubs or axle.

But when they raise it up to do an oil change, I really worry.

I have lots of black walnuts this year. I’m already thinking of things to make with them. What do you use black walnuts for? They are my favorite nut to eat. But they are so hard to get out of the shells.

A regular nut cracker won’t work. You must have a hammer and a hard surface to crack them.

I was walking around the farm, with camera in hand, when the horses came to greet me. Spirit looks as if she’s thinking, “Whatcha doooin’?”

Normally, she won’t stand still for me to take pictures. But today, she was totally cooperative. Maybe it’s because it was feeding time and she was just being patient in hopes of a carrot or two.

If you look closely, you can see my reflection in her eye.

I don’t get to ride much, but I love these horses. A friend calls them pasture pets. That’s fine with me. Watching them run, buck and jump through the pasture brings a sense of calmness.

They are oblivious to the troubles of the world. No stress. Destined to a life of ease, here on the farm.

Sometimes, when I’m troubled with the problems of my life. I take a walk to calm myself. I may just sit on my thinking rock and shed a few tears.

Usually, in the pasture, where the horses are.

My horse, Bo, is really in tune with me. He walks up, nuzzles me, and just stands there and lets me love on him.

Speaking of calming…

What do you find calming? Animals, children, music, nature….


Cool Autumn Day

I like to walk around the farm in the Spring and Fall. There are so many changes taking place. I am sometimes fascinated by the simplest things.

The leaves are changing.


And Falling. Red bud tree.

The berries are ripening. Poke berry.


As are the persimmons. By the way, I have a gazillion of these things ripening on several trees and I have no idea what to do with them. Do any of you have any recipes or suggestions? Something other than green persimmon wine.

The nuts are almost ready to harvest. Hickory.

Black Walnut.

There are a few late bloomers left. Daisy.



The birds have hatched and sent their fledglings off into the world and are leaving for warmer weather.

I’m hoping this empty nest doesn’t get blown by the wind. I’d like to find eggs in it next spring.

In a few short weeks I’m gonna be missing these!

Hope you enjoyed another walk around the farm on this cool autumn day.

 This weekend we will be mowing and setting up Halloween. We have to wait until the grass stops, or atleast slows, the growing process. I can’t have tall grass covering up my Halloween..

And you know you’ll see it all here.

Stop And Listen

While riding around locally or while visiting an unfamiliar place. I always take notice of the trees. I love them, especially the older ones.

Big, beautiful, majestic, trees.

 If only they could tell the story of their life. The children playing, the happiness or sadness they’ve witnessed. The wars they may have witnessed or maybe they took a bullet to save the life of a scared soldier hiding behind.

The young love they may have seen when a couple carved their initials in their bark. Like a tatoo to them, a testiment in time to the love that was once in their presence.

This tree is outside my back door.

This time of year it is alive. Not only with bloom. If you stop and listen, you can hear the buzzing sound of all the flying critters that depend on this and other trees for sustenance. It sounds as if the tree itself is alive. The sound of the buzzing reminds one that all is right with the world. No matter what happens, life goes on.

This tree grows near my home.

Not only are the trees on our farm beautiful, some of them supply fruit or nuts. Not only for humans but for the many critters who frequently visit us here on the farm.

Pecan and black walnut.


Those trees were planted here on the farm by mother nature herself. We also have a few we have planted ourself. My brother-in-law planted a couple of apple trees.

And peach. These were given to me and planted in memory of my parents who passed away in 2006.

They have beautiful spring blooms.

Dogwood blooms signal the beginning of spring. It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

I found this tree last year in Charleston, South Carolina. On Johns Island. You can read about it here.

No picture could do it justice. If you ever get the chance, go see this tree. It’s beauty and majesty are amazing.

I wonder what stories it could tell?