A Little Privacy Please

In a tree near my back porch there hangs a birdhouse gourd. It’s one I grew, cleaned out and painted. The paint is fading but otherwise it’s still in good condition.

Walking up onto the porch one day I noticed it moving. It’s hard to see but there is a bird in there. I got excited because birds were setting up a nest in one of my birdhouse gourds and I got to see them.

I started snapping pictures.

And they abruptly left to find a more private home for their nest.


Guess I should have been a little more discreet.

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday Snippets

I’ve decided that Saturdays will be a day of randomness.

Just little snippets of things going on around the farm.

I may not post every Saturday, but when I do you can bet it will be a menagerie of things all slapped into one post and probably a few pictures, too.

So here’s the first installment of Saturday Snippets.

I have been working feverishly trying to get things accomplished around here and knocked off the to-do list.

For instance, I did get those birdhouse gourds painted and ready to give my friend.

And prepared a couple for the farm.

While The Captain and Boo were living it up at the lake a few weeks ago, I made myself some homemade buttermilk biscuits.

And smothered them in butter.

And ate half the pan for supper.

Boy were they good.


I didn’t have to share.


And I’ve watched a few storms move in.

One of these days I’ll have a covered porch and a swing to sit on wrapped up in a blanket to watch the storm clouds roll in.

That’s it for this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Garden Report 2010 – Week 11

I guess garden time is winding down about now.

And canning season is swinging into full gear.

I thought that by now I would be canning tomatoes. Not so, I’ve only gotten a few tomatoes.

The lack of rain slowed the garden’s growing to almost a halt.

We have had several rain showers lately and things seem to be growing again.

So we’ll see what happens in the last few weeks for the garden.

Since I’ve only been showing you what is going wrong with the garden, I thought I’d show you a few things are right with the garden.

Or atleast somewhat right.

The tomato tee pees are working great.

Even if the tomatoes aren’t.

And even with the high wind we’ve had with the recent storms, they didn’t budge.

I will definitely be using them next year in the garden.

I have one large birdhouse gourd and several smaller ones.

By the way, since these birdhouse gourd plants are so viney and will take over the garden almost over night. I put them on a tee pee, too.

And it worked great. This way I can keep them contained and not have them running the length of the garden.

I have several watermelons growing now.

These seeds are ones that my Dad saved. (The ones I tried growing last year, but didn’t have much luck.)

I will keep planting these seeds until I get a watermelon to take seeds from so I can continue using seeds that began with my Dad.

Or until I run out.

I don’t have much luck with melons of any kind here on the farm.

The critters start eating them just before they are ready to pick, or the drought stunts the growth of the plant before it has a chance to produce fruit.

There is one pumpkin in the garden that has endured the summer stress.

Several others did not make it.

It amazes me that a plant can take over the garden, vining all over and out into the surrounding yard.

And produce so little.

I planted two herbs in the garden.


And basil.

Since I have very little cucumbers I won’t be canning pickles.

So anyone who knows how to dry dill, please let me know the best way to do this.

As I use dried dill in a recipe and would like to keep it for that.

And I think maybe I’ve let the basil get to far by letting it bloom.

From what I understand, once it blooms it begins setting seeds and the leaves lose flavor.

If anyone has experience with basil let me know.

The container herbs did not survive my vacation.

I’m wondering if I can restart them.

Or is it too late?

Anyone got any suggestions on replanting the herbs?

How is your garden growing?