Calling The Police Was Not Necessary!

A couple of years ago, I was attending school at a local college. Trying to better myself.

Heaven knows, I need “bettering”!

Not that I’m totally stupid or anything. We can all use some “bettering”.

Atleast, I can say that I went to college AND passed all my classes.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post…

I would drop my youngest son, Boo, off at school and head off to school myself.

One particular morning, it had been raining and anyone who lives in the country knows how bad those muddy country roads can be.

We had recently began construction on a new driveway and it could be tricky when wet.

I took the wrong path in the driveway and got my, NOT 4 wheel drive truck, stuck.

I tried a little to get it out, to no avail. In fear of burying it totally in the mud and the fact that we were gonna be late if I didn’t get moving, I decided to just go get the other car.

I’ve had experience getting stuck in the mud with a previous car. I buried it to the frame.  I will never live that down. We had to get a back hoe to pull it out.

I hung my head in shame.

 It sat there, stuck, for 5 days.

I had to look at it, stuckin the mud, for 5 days.

I had to answer visitors’ questions about how the car got stuck out there, for 5 days.

Not to mention the comments from the back hoe operator.

“Look, mister, just pull it out and keep your comments to yourself, K.”

“Thank you!”

Excuse me while I regain my composure.



 I get a little beside myself when I think about it. Mom’s aren’t supposed to do stupid stuff like that.

So much for my kids thinking I’m perfect.


“Sigh, again”


Okay, I’m composed.

Getting back to my stuck truck…

We had recently purchased this truck and I still had my little “puddle jumper”, as my mother would have called it. My oldest son, The Audacious One, was staying with us for a short time and he was using it to go to work.

I knew he didn’t have to be at work till later. So, Boo and I jumped in and headed for school.

All the while, knowing I would be mercilessly picked on, if anyone discovered this stuck truck.

I began devising a plan.

I would go to school and take the test in my first class, skip the other 2 classes, drive home and get the truck “unstuck”, before anyone discovered what I had done.

This is the spot where the truck was stuck. Don’t look too bad when it’s dry.

It’s one thing to tell them I got the truck stuck and quite another to actually see it.

Buckets of sand and rocks were floating around in my head as I thought of a way to “unstuck” the truck.

Meanwhile, back on the farm…

While I was at school, taking my test, The Audacious One discovered the missing puddle jumper. And began investigating.

He noticed from the marks in the driveway, that someone had left in a hurry.


I left in a hurry!

 We were gonna be late!

He called The Captain, at work, and told him, “It looks like someone has stolen the puddle jumper!”

He could not see the struck truck from the house.

This is my truck. It has a diesel engine, so it’s really heavy. Which is why it got stuck. Not because I don’t know how to drive or anything.

I like to think that anyway.


One driver gone, two vehicles gone. It makes sense. Right?

The Captain called the police and left work to do his own investigating.

By the time I took my test and returned home, all of about 2 hours or less. The Captain and The Audacious One had “unstuck” the truck and were hosing it down to remove the mud.


Rendering me of my chance to redeem myself by getting the truck “unstuck”.

Yeah, I would have told them about it.

But I would have bragged about getting it out myself.

Instead, I was left with only the humiliation.


I should have bought a 4 wheel drive in the first place.

And I definitely should have taken the old driveway!