Updates: Hardware, Ants and Halloween

Remember when I was complaining about the missing lawn furniture hardware? The manager ordered some hardware for it. I was told I would have it within eight weeks.

It’s been nine weeks and I still don’t have the hardware. I called yesterday. Of course he doesn’t remember! ūüôĄ

He re-ordered. It’s supposed to be shipped out the first week in November.

Do you think he ordered it the first time I called?

I doubt it!

Told you the snow would be flying and it would be too cold to use when I got the hardware to put it together. I wonder if I could use my psychic abilities in other aspects of my life. Like…choosing the winning lottery numbers. Maybe I need to concentrate a little harder while filling in the numbers.

I’ll get back to you on that.

Back in the summer, we had a problem with red ants. All over my house. I had the ant dude come out and spray. One problem solved. No ants. Yippee!!! I won’t be locked away after all, due to those pesky ants driving me insane.

Now it’s time for the field mice to start looking for a warm place to take up residence. As a matter of fact they’ve already started. I think one had babies. We started seeing them quite frequently. Not any more. I declared war! And won!! (so far)

Oh, The Captain spends his days driving, for work. He found what he calls a really cool Halloween display, somewhere in this town we call home. And he has promised to take me to see it this weekend.

I can’t wait!!

I’ll get back to you on that, too!

So, what’s new in your corner?


Ant Graveyards and Dust Bowls

I found another rainbow!

It’s a windsock type thing I found at a local store that specializes in yard art and yard bird supply.¬†Chirp and Chatter.

You know me and rainbows and hot air balloons! It was a little pricey but I just had to have it.

Wish I could buy some rain! We need it here desperately. We have had drought conditions for over a year.

Below are some pictures showing you just how bad we need rain.

This is from my yard.

Notice the lack of grass.

Driving down the highway, I noticed this wiper had forgotten how to work correctly. Every few seconds, it would swipe across the license plate.

Driving past this construction site along the highway…

We were met with this dust cloud. This was a Saturday evening, they weren’t even running the heavy equipment.

The ants are driving everyone mad! They are in everyones house, searching for water. They are in places there is no water. Just searching.

And speaking of ants…what do you think they do with their dead?

They bury them in my yard, is what they do with them.

Think about this.

We live on top of the ground and we bury our dead under the ground.

Ants live under the ground and they bury their dead on top of the ground.

Strange, huh?

There are little piles of dead ants all over the farm.

Remember when I told you about the ant dude coming to my house to rid me of those determined little critters?

I have seen a few, here and there. But they curl up and die quickly. Yippee! I am rid of those pesky little things, atleast for now.

This is a river I cross over everday going to and from work. Notice all those rocks? They should be under water and not be seen.

Yes, it’s very dry. We have water restrictions. The car washes are closed. Beautifully manicured lawns are now brown. People with wells, worry about them going dry.

Please, pray it will rain in the southeast. And if you are in an area that is getting too much rain, send some our way!

All Hail, The Ant Dude Has Arrived!

Guess who came to my house yesterday?

Yep, that’s right. The Ant Dude.

If this is your first time here, or in case you missed the post when I was complaining about all the ants that are invading my home. You can read about it here and get up to speed with the rest of us.

Now that your up to speed… for 3 loooong years I have been battling these ants from spring to fall.

My MIL and FIL and my BIL and SIL are starting to have problems here on the farm with the same dang ants.

My FIL started checking around to see about prices to rid us of this infestation. And to see if they would give us a discount if we did all three houses at the same time.

He found the best price and scheduled a visit.


He came and he sprayed the inside of my house. Then he sprayed the outside. Guaranteeing up to 10 feet around the perimeter of my house. We’ll see. Those ants are pretty feisty and resourceful.

Last year, they infested our closets. I’m not even gonna go into it. But I am tetering on the edge of insanity and the ants are to blame.

This year, the only closet they have showed up in, is mine.

Of course, mine!

¬†Why would they go¬†anywhere else,¬†when they can drive ME a little closer to the place where they have rubber rooms and you¬†get to wear a straight jacket if you don’t keep your mouth shut.

¬†I can just hear those¬†pesky little¬†ants, “Let’s send her over the edge!

 So I had to take everything out of my closet so he could spray in there.

Do you know how much stuff is in my closet? Too much, that’s how much!

I didn’t have to take the clothes off the¬†pole they were hanging on, though. Since he only had to spray around the floor area.

But you know what happened?

The dad blame thing fell!


And not only did the clothes fall in the floor, but the pole bent. Rendering is unusable.

 Now my bed is covered with all my clothes and I have no where to put them until my closet is fixed.



Why can’t I just get the closet sprayed and put everything back and be DONE?


I was gonna even do a little extra and vacuum it before I put everything back. Well, you know what. The heck with the vacuuming. Let there be dirt. Who cares.

That would probably turn into a major operation by itself. The vacuum cleaner would probably attack me or something.

The ants and the pole in my closet have joined forces. They are right now, in my closet debating how it is that they will drive me over the edge.

Send me running across this farm. Pulling my hair out by the roots.


The ants know their time has come. It is now up to the closet to finish the task that the ants have started.

But I’m not gonna let it win. Nope. I’m gonna fight back! Just like I fought the ants. Hopefully, I have won that battle. I’ll know in a few days.¬†

I’ll get back to you on that.

I’m gonna take that closet pole outside and teach it a thing or two. Then I’m gonna bury that pole in a shallow grave where no one will find it.

And just to convince you the closet is out to get me…

A couple of weeks ago, my closet doorknob broke. I couldn’t get inside, I had to wear the same clothes for three days. Until The Captain felt sorry for me, or was it that poignant odor that followed¬†me around everywhere? Hmmm…

¬†Anyway, The Captain took a screwdriver to my door knob and took it off. Now there’s no door knob. Atleast, I can change clothes.

Do you know how many times I have reached for that door knob, only to come up empty handed? (SIGH)

That’s not the end of the story.

I took myself to the local home improvement store and bought a new door knob for my closet.

It don’t fit the door.


I’d go to bed and sleep, just to forget and refresh my mind.