Snow Day!

Hi y’all!

It’s a snow day here in the south. I know that to you folks in the north it’s just another wet, muddy miserable day.

But to the south it means a play day. .

People searching for things to ride in the snow. Things like plastic sleds for the little ones and ATV’s for the big kids, snow angels and hoping for enough snow to make a snowman.

And it also means lots and lots of hot chocolate.

For me it means hanging around the house with a roaring fire and soup.

Ever since Old Man Winter made his entrance I have been craving Klutzy Mama’s Tater Soup.

Seriously, it’s my favorite tater soup recipe. Y’all should try it sometime! But wait till it’s cold outside and your looking for that perfect comfort food. You won’t regret it.

I promise!

So, what is your favorite snow day recipe?

Please share!

Happy Wednesday Snow Day!