Makes Me Smile – Memories of Summer

Even though the cold wind is howling outside memories from summer fill my mind…

August 82015 022

I made several batches of lemonade over the summer

August 82015 026

Then I sipped away as I sat back in my hammock swing and enjoyed the view from my backyard.

Happy Sunday!



9 comments on “Makes Me Smile – Memories of Summer

  1. I am with you on that. Even though we’ve had a really weird winter in Indiana that started really late (my kids wore shorts on Christmas!), it’s definitely cold now and I’m longing for warmer days. So happy to see you blogging again, friend!

    • Hi Amee! Yep, we were in our “shirt sleeves” (as my dad would say) and flip flops on Christmas day down here too. Winter just got here and I am already wishing for spring. LoL I am working to make a come back to the blogging world and it’s so good to see my bloggy friends stopping in. I have SOOOO missed all of you!!

  2. Hi Becky, Have a suggestion for your Orchard, consider the nutritious Persimmon know as the “Fruit of the Gods”. Most are familiar with the astringent persimmon that really puckers you up, make sure you plant the Fuyu persimmon, it is not astringent, you can eat it semi green, ripe or soft, simple so delicious, sweet and like no other fruit. You can try it in the Fall at Asian food stores, some grocery food stores will have it, I have seen it at COSTCO.

    • Hi there Stan! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have to keep and eye out for those. We do have persimmons here on the farm but they are the astringent one’s you spoke of. Definitely give you pucker power! LoL

      • Now that I think of it a friend sent me a recipe for persimmon bread that I have been wanting to try but the persimmons here are just not suitable for adding to a recipe. Now I definitely must look for the Fuyu persimmons!

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