Rekindling A Passion

You may have been asking where is Twisted Fencepost?
No new posts for how long now?

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays!

Aside from my full-time job I have worked myself right through November into December and straight through to what is now January.
As I have told you before I am at my happiest when I am creating.

And for the past few months my creations were made with the help of my sewing machine. Rekindling my passion for sewing has been my past time and part time work.
Here are a few of my creations….



My hands get so cold while sitting at my desk working on the computer. Gloves or mittens are out of the question so I made myself a set of fingerless gloves so I could continue working and still have the warmth of a glove or mitten. They work like a charm. In fact now my hands get a little too warm at times and I have to take them off.


I had piles of gray fleece left over from another project that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out. So I started making more fingerless gloves for the girls in my office who complain about their cold hands. And they loved them!



Love these ladies!

Here’s another thing that kept me busy through November and December….


I made mermaid blankets throughout the holidays (10 total). There were some smiling little mermaids come Christmas morning.

One of the ladies in the picture above has a grandbaby coming in early spring and she asked if I could make a binky bib for her.


She will have it monogrammed before the baby shower.

That is something that I have not learned yet but am very interested in learning and adding it to my sewing knowledge.

That same lady asked me to make this little shift for her granddaughter.


I’ll admit I was a little nervous about this one. I didn’t have a pattern so she let me borrow another little shift to create a pattern from. I just changed the neckline to make it square as she had requested. It turned out rather well, I think.

There’s more, but I’ll save that for another day. Right now this winter storm passing through our area has got me wanting to sit next to this….


And maybe take a nap!

Until next time….

I’ll try to post more often.

But honestly all I do is work and I really don’t want to bore you with that. Although I thought you might like to hear about my part time work creations from time to time.

Happy Friday



8 comments on “Rekindling A Passion

    • Hi Janet! Thank you!! I found the pattern through Pinterest. Just search for fingerless gloves. They are really easy to make. No snow here, just ice. We get more ice than snow here in SC. Looks like it’s getting pretty deep up there. Stay safe!!

  1. Always great to hear what you are up to and have you comment on my blog as well. Love the mermaid blankets! So clever and adorable…wish I had a little girl to share with. Stay warm and have a lovely weekend.

  2. Great to hear from the multi-talented woman, recall when you were in school and looking for a job, so much better to have a good job and be too busy, but don’t forget you’re still a Li’l farmer.

    • Hi Stan! I SOOO miss posting here on the blog. I can’t wait for spring so I can get started turning the soil and planting seeds. That’s another passion I wish I had more time for.

  3. You have been very busy. The gloves sound like a great idea. I sit close to an AC unit in the wall, and this year, our one daughter and myself did not get the outside covered, so some days, the wind blowing hard, seems to force that cold air in, I need to put something over the front of it, here in the house, but that would require me standing on a stool or ladder and I’m not steady enough to do that any longer. Next time she stops in, I’ll remind her to help me with it. I’ve wondered how you’ve been. I don’t get around to visit blogs like I use to, I’m on Facebook more. Have a great week-end.

    • Hi Patty! Thanks for stopping in! Sounds like a pair of those gloves would be just what you need. Please don’t be climbing around out there in the cold. Call your daughter up and ask for a favor. Stay warm my friend!

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