UPDATED: Just Gotta Share This!

UPDATE: The WINNER is KlutzyMama! Congratulations!! I will be sending you an email.

Hello again! I know, I know…Wow! Two posts in 1 week. A few months ago I discovered a hidden gem and I just have to share it with all of you. It’s all-natural beauty products created right here in the good old USA by Diva Stuff. I have never been one to have a nightly facial beauty routine. I know, shame on me! But since discovering Diva Stuff I now have a nightly routine that I follow and has it ever made a difference in my skin. I start with a good scrubbing with these….

Lemon Derm Facial Firm Face Scrubbies

Great for exfoliation. Leaves my skin clean and ready for the next step.

After patting dry I moisturize using this….

Hibiscus Lift Facial Cream

I have always shied away from putting any kind of lotion or cream on my face due to oily skin. My senses told me this would cause breakouts. And with some products that may be true. But not with this. It does just what Diva Stuff says it will do. It firms and moisturizes. And without leaving a greasy residue or causing breakouts. Yay!

And the last part of the nightly facial regimen is this….

Aphrodite’s Divinity Eye Cream & Serum

Since I began using this the skin around my eyes has become tighter and the crow’s feet are not quite so noticeable.

Kym at Diva Stuff has so graciously offered 20% off your first order for all of my Twisted Fencepost friends. Just enter this coupon code when you order….DivaTFP

Try this stuff! And share it with your friends!!

And now for the most exciting part of this post!!!

Kym at Diva Stuff is allowing me to give one lucky winner a sample of all of the products I just shared with you.

Just because I am curious, to enter: Leave a comment telling me whether you have a nightly facial beauty routine or are you just like I was (no routine at all).

Contest open to US residents only.

Contest will end Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at midnight. I will randomly pick one lucky winner to receive samples of Lemon Derm Facial Firm Face Scrubbies, Hibiscus Lift Facial Cream and Aphrodite’s Divinity Eye Cream & Serum all-natural products made by Diva Stuff.

Good luck!

Happy Thursday!



One comment on “UPDATED: Just Gotta Share This!

  1. I am kinda like you. I don’t really have a nightly routine to speak of. I am usually hit or miss. I also have oily skin, so I am definitely intrigued about these products! Oh, and so happy to see you blogging again! 😉

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