Keyhole Garden #2

Hi there!

Remember me?

Yeah I’m the long lost blogger. I am trying to get back to posting at Twisted Fencepost. We stay busy here on the farm. Anyone who lives on a farm knows that there is always something that needs tending to. Whether is needs fixing or building, there’s always something going on here. With working a full-time job and 2 part-time jobs and spending all my free time tending to what is needed here there’s not much time anything else. Including doing the things I love, which is gardening, posting here at Twisted Fencepost and visiting all of you.

For instance…

This year I built a new keyhole garden. I wanted to share it with you.

Keyhole garden 2015

Keyhole garden 2015

I still have the little one I told you about last year. We’ll call it my experimental keyhole garden. I know I told you I would post more pics as the season wore on. But honestly there wasn’t anything worth posting. You see that keyhole garden had too much shade for the cucumbers that I planted there. They did not do well. Not one cucumber.

So this year I am using it for an herb garden.

Keyhole garden 2014

Keyhole garden 2014

Using the wisdom of…

“If you are planting for fruit or root, you’ll need full sun. If you are planting for leaves, shade will be just fine.”

It is coming along nicely for the herbs I have planted…. basil, dill and parsley. I will probably add some rosemary in there too.

The new keyhole garden was built in an area that has full sun most of the day. And so far it is doing well. Whether it will produce cucumbers or not be the defining conclusion. I will keep you posted!

I promise that I will not abandon you and leave you wondering whether or not it produced cucumbers or not.

There are also green onions planted there in the corner. And so far they are doing well. They are almost ready to eat. I love eating them with hamburgers. I am feeling a cookout in my near future. 😉

Happy Wednesday!


PS….Stop in for a visit tomorrow. I will be sharing about little known products that I have discovered. And there will be a giveaway!!!


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