Happy New Year!

Each year I toy with the idea of claiming a new year’s resolution. I consider and reconsider. And every year I decide against it.

Am I the only person who does this?

Thank you! I knew I wasn’t.

But this year? It’s different. I considered and reconsidered and decided I needed to make some changes.

The year 2013 was a tough year for me.

We lost Casper Dog


We also lost Spirit


It’s never easy losing one of the family.

There are other things that have been going on behind the scenes that I won’t go into, but the thing that has been bringing me down over a matter of several years is the amount of negativity in my life.

Some of it I cannot change. Atleast not right at the moment. But it’s coming.

Other things I can change. Things that are and will be changing.

I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so negative. Is it because they think they are supposed to be that way? Or maybe they like it that way? Are they so miserable that they must make everyone around them just as miserable? Or maybe they are just stuck in the negativity that surrounds them?

Which is where I presently stand.

And starting in 2014 I am walking away from and removing as much of the negative things that grind at the core of my soul. My nature is to be happy, fun loving and spontaneous. I haven’t been that person for longer than I can remember.

So today January 1, 2014, my resolution is to rid myself of the negativity that makes me so unhappy before it begins to ruin me and my health. I am taking back my life and making it mine again.

Look out 2014, here I come!!!

Won’t you join me?

Happy New Year!



6 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. Me too! Good Bye 2013 and Here we come 2014! This is gonna be a great year! I can feel it! So lets get to it! Love ya Momma!!!!

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