Sunshine and Other Things

Hello there from sunny South Carolina! We’ve had a mild summer this year. Very unusual for the Carolinas. We are used to July temps staying in the 90’s for weeks. This year our hotest day of the season was in late August and it was 93F I think. And only for one day. Also unusual for my corner of the world is the amount of rain we’ve had this summer. Normally, by July we are in drought conditions. Not the case this year. Makes me wonder if we’re in store for a hard winter this year. The last couple of winters have been very mild. I’ll let you know next spring.


We all have that daily stress from work, bills, etc. But recently I’ve had excessive stress or unnecessary stress as I call it.

From little things to big things, it seems they keep adding up and just won’t go away. It’s frustrating to say the very least.

For instance, walked up on the porch one Sunday after church to find a snake on the banister right at the top of the steps. Yeah, didn’t take long to remove myself from the porch. Unnecessary stress.

Then one day my son texts me from home (I was at work) telling me that when I arrived home to be very careful because there was a snake in his bathroom making himself at home in the sink. My son was just inches away when he noticed it and only then did he notice because he heard a hissing noise. I mean who is alert enough inside the house that we would expect to find a snake in the bathroom or anywhere else inside the house for that matter. How many of us get up in the dark of night to visit the bathroom, get a drink of water or midnight snack?

My son shut the bathroom door and stuffed a towel under the door in hopes to keep it trapped inside there. Well, when I got home it was gone. So my delimma is… did it come in from inside the bathroom and exit the same way it came in? Or did it somehow find its way past the towel and into the main house? It’s been over a week and we haven’t seen it again. I’m living on faith that it exited the same way it came in. More unnecessary stress.

I will tell you this, I presently do not walk around the house in the dark.

And if that’s not enough my truck began having issues. I’ve talked about my truck here before and those of you who read Twisted Fencepost know how much I love my truck. But that love is quickly deminishing. To begin with it has that 6.0 Turbo Diesel engine. The one that Ford has had continuous issues with because of the EGR system. Also the engine that Ford quickly discontinued production of in their trucks.

Well now it seems to have a transmission problem. Uggh…..

Over the past few months I have been considering trading or selling it. Just letting the thought tumble around in my head a bit. The thing that holds me back is the fact that I haven’t had a car payment in a very long time and I’m not so sure that I want one. So I’ve put off trading or selling it. By the time I get finished paying for the transmission repairs I’ll need to keep it awhile longer. ****sniff****

All of this unnecessary stress is dragging me down.***sigh***


(not the snake I’ve been talking about, but could very well be a relative)

On a lighter note, one funny thing did happen during all of this….

When my son walked up on the snake in the bathroom, the snake was facing away from him and was striking at my son’s reflection in the mirror. 😆

I have really missed all of you but when all I do is work, cook, clean, sleep…..I really can’t find much to write about. Unless you are interested in my present mundane existence.

Yeah, me neither. 🙄

Hope everyone is having a fabulous and…..

Happy Saturday!



5 comments on “Sunshine and Other Things

  1. So happy you had a moment to write your blog. I know how much you love it and that you haven’t had much time to do so. Love you!

  2. Hi Becky. I haven’t blogged very much this summer, either. Funny you should mention all those snakes. I just came in from my morning walk and while walking I was editing a chapter of my MG manuscript. It was the chapter where the two girls came across a snake inside a cave. But never fear, Sarah clobbered it with her handy walking stick! But, to be serious, I hate snakes and luckily haven’t seen any in our house lately.

  3. And I thought seeing a snake in my basement was bad-geesh : ) Sorry about all the bad luck-maybe now you’ll hit a real lucky streak and everything will be golden : ) Work cook sleep-yep sounds like my life!

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