Balloon Event Images

Yesterday I mentioned that we had been to a balloon event. I thought I would share with you some of the images my rabbit captured.

There were actually two in one day that we volunteered to help with.

The first was at a local church for a spring festival.


The second was way out in the country at a birthday celebration.


I love the reflection of the balloon on the water.


The farm was a really beautiful place. Below are other images I collected that day.

This is the original home that is now rented for parties and such.


I find old barns fascinating and found it hard to resist the urge to walk over and explore the buildings below.




There was a small pond where I captured the above balloon reflection and this image of the small dock that led out over the water.


Such a peaceful image. I can imagine myself sitting there with my legs hanging over and my toes touching the water on a hot summer day.

Riding in a hot air balloon is very peaceful. It’s amazingly quiet up there floating around the sky.

I hope you enjoyed the images as much as I did capturing them.

Happy Thursday!


4 comments on “Balloon Event Images

  1. I love them they are beautiful. When I was a freshman at Delta State University, they had one on campus… but I was too chicken and afraid of heights. I still to this day kick myself for not taking that opportunity!!! Awesome Becky

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