A Beautiful Sound

Hello Team Fencepost!

I thought that when I changed jobs within my company that I would have more time for writing here. I never dreamed that working 4 longer days would leave me with even less time to write. Oh there are other things that demand my attention like 3 weddings in 3 weeks of friends and family at which my presence was expected. And then there’s birthday parties and balloon events.

My family and I have also began attending church again. Something that has long been overdue and needed by me. I have missed church. Even though I have not been completely out of step with God, I had forgotten how important it is to get that weekly fill of the spirit. I have also begun singing in the choir, something I never saw myself doing. It is a small church with a small choir, but a blessing never the less.


My Mother sang in the choir and at times I feel as if she is there with me singing right along. Certain songs that we sing, you know, the old hymns like “Old Rugged Cross” or “How Great Thou Art”, I can still hear her strong soprano voice gleefully singing each word and never missing a note. In her last few years she was unable to sing, her voice had just left her and I know that it broke her heart. But she is up there. Now singing with a “new” voice. Along with the angels. In God’s choir.

And what a beautiful sound it must be!

One day I’ll be standing beside her singing in that choir with her soprano and my whatever it is that I sing blending harmoniously. Hmmm, that gives me chill bumps just thinking about it. I’m not ready to leave this world yet, but I do look forward to that day.

I’ve heard that a lot of our now “music stars’ began singing in a church choir, including the late Whitney Houston. I’ll bet those are some of their favorite memories. Do any of you have memories of the church choir you’d like to share?

I would love to hear them!

Happy Wednesday!



3 comments on “A Beautiful Sound

  1. Absolutely loves our new church!!! The memory that sticks out is at the old church we used to go to and a friend we know and love doing the “cabbage patch” in the back of the choir!

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