Prayers For Oklahoma!

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the tornadoes that ravaged the heartland of our great country. I cannot count the tears that abrupty fall from my eyes as I watch the news coverage from Oklahome.

The adults, children, pets, homes….. Their whole lives just picked up, spun around and slammed back to earth lying in a pile of rubble that was once their lives.

In November of 2011 a tornado ripped through our small town and I have seen a small glimpse that in no way compares to the devastation the people of Oklahoma are experiencing now.

Sadness abounds as we think of you, Oklahoma!

My heart leaps for joy when I see a happy moment amongst all the havoc that is taking place.

Watch one of those happy moments by clicking the link below……

GOD answered both of this sweet lady’s prayers!

South Carolina is praying for you, Oklahoma! And I know that all of Team Fencepost are praying for you also.

May God bring you comfort and peace and see that all of your needs are met with abundance!

Happy Tuesday!



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