Are You Feelin’ It Too?

Recently, I opened my gmail account then clicked on the reader tab and a notification box popped up informing me that as of July 1, 2013 the Google Reader will cease to exist.

I’m thinking to myself…..”Hmmmm, I’ve got plenty of time to get those blog web addresses written down and decide which reader I will be using when the time comes to import all of my favorite blog addresses to a new reader.” And I went about my merry way.

This morning I sat down with my breakfast, opened my gmail account and was headed for my favorite blogs to do a little catch up and see what’s going on in your world. But the problem is that that the “reader” tab is missing.

“OH, NO!!”

Is it July 1st ALREADY?!

Have I lost 3 and a half months?

Was there an accident? Have I been in a coma? Did “The Men in Black” flash that little shiny thing at me and cause me to lose memory of some horrible incident that lasted for 3 and a half months?

I checked my wall calendar.


Hmmm….still set to March 2013.

Ok, then I checked my desktop calendar.


It says March 2013 also.

So I checked my cell phone.


It also says it’s March.

Is someone playing a cruel trick on me?

Or has Google jumped the gun and gotten rid of their reader a little early?

Maybe they are not sure what day it is. Or what month it is for that matter.

I miss my Google Reader!

Anyone else feelin’ it?

Happy Wednesday!



3 comments on “Are You Feelin’ It Too?

  1. You are so funny 🙂 I am so tired of them changing everything. Now hotmail is Outlook and facebook is getting harder and harder to take with all the ads and time it takes to do anything. I am about to go all old school here I already got rid of the land line. Thinking cable and maybe facebook next. I have way too much calling my name outside anyway.

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