2013 Backyard Series 2

Early in the morning it began to snow those big fluffy flakes that are so beautiful as they fall. Not sure if it would stick or not I took pictures.


Soon after I snapped this picture the snow stopped. A few hours later it began again and we ended up with about 4 inches of snow accumulation.

A few weeks ago we had an ice storm. Last week we had a beautiful snowfall that actually accumulated on the ground instead of melting as fast as it fell.

It was beautiful while it lasted but in all honesty I am ready for winter to end and spring to begin.

How about you?

Happy Monday!



5 comments on “2013 Backyard Series 2

  1. Those are some big flakes! I am so upset with the weather all my fruit trees have blooms and it is going to freeze this weekend! Another year without fruit!!

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