Hello Again!

I told you that I would be back today! I hope I’m not overwhelming you with TWO posts in one day.


Have you heard of cornhole? It’s a game you play with wooden boards and beanbags (cornbags) that you throw in hopes of hitting the hole that is cut out in the wooden boards. I’m sure you’ve seen it at some point and time. It’s been around for years.

Well that’s not what this post is about but it leads up to what the post actually is about.

Stick with me……

My Captain and Boo built a set of cornhole boards for us. Actually they’ve built 3 sets. Two of them were Christmas gifts for our older children and their families. And I sewed the beanbags (cornbags) to go with the boards in the colors of their/our favorite college football teams. Go Clemson!

So anyway, I ended up with quite a bit of corn left over and had no idea what to do with it until I was speaking with a friend at work who makes cornbags. These cornbags are not used for any game, but are used in the same manner as a rice bag. You know the ones that you lay across your shoulders or your back to relax aching muscles?

Well you can use feed corn for the same thing. My mind went to work and I created 3 to begin with, just to see how they were liked.


They were liked so well that I created another 18 more for friends and family. The Captain helped me add the corn to the bags which is kinda hard to do with only two hands even if you do use a canning funnel.


One tip the friend gave me was to cook the corn in the microwave before adding to the bags. This is done because if the person that you give them to does not use them little critters will appear and eat holes in the bag or other fabrics in the area. And we can’t have that!

You can see my bag of feed corn in the background of the above picture with the sewing machine. I bought it at Tractor Supply. You can find it near the birdseed.

To begin you sift the corn to get rid of the small stuff. Then put it in a glass bowl and microwave on high for three minutes. Let cool. I did this by pouring it out on cookie sheets to cool. Then do the same two more times. Cook, cool, cook cool. Then it is ready to go in the corn bags.

I made long ones, square ones and smaller square ones for the little people in the family.


For the long ones I divided them into three sections. First I created a long tube, then added about two cups of cooked feed corn. Then stitched across the tube. Then I added two more cups of corn and stitched across. Then two more cups of corn and stitched the end closed. This just keeps all the corn from going to one end of the tube.


Then out of fleece I created covers for all of them to be taken off and washed when needed.


The fleece is so much softer than using normal fabric like the bags are made of (cotton or polyester/cotton). It feels much better to your skin.


At Walmartz I ran across those fleece throws that they had displayed for sale at Christmastime and are now marked down to $5. There were zebra striped (which the teenage girls liked) and camoflage (for all the guys). That is much cheaper than you can buy fleece at a fabric store. I did go buy fleece just because there were several going to the same home and I wanted them to all have their own and recognize it by sight. You know how kids will argue about which one is theirs……

Anyway, I finally made one for myself and I’m telling you that I absolutely LOVE IT!

I’ve heard the older folks talk about how back in the olden days people would heat a brick in the old wood stove or fireplace, then wrap it in some kind of fabric and stick it under the covers at the foot of the bed to warm it up for bedtime.

For these cornbags you heat them in the microwave for two minutes (I would not heat more than a minute for the little ones) and then put it wherever it is that you want warmed up. Around your neck, over a shoulder or a knee or at the foot of the bed which is what I do.

And once my feet are warmed up, I move it up and snuggle with it until I fall asleep. If you’re like me I can’t sleep if I’m not warm and these cornbags put me to sleep quickly.

So let me know if you try making these and how they turned out. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

I was actually thinking that since I haven’t had a giveaway here in quite a long time that I might just give one away here. How many of you would be interested in your very own cornbag?

Happy Wednesday!



8 comments on “Hello Again!

  1. I’ve thought about making these before, but haven’t. Just better be sure you don’t put popcorn in them :o) Wouldn’t that be interesting. I’d love to win one, if you have a give away. That way I wouldn’t have to go buy corn and make one. I’m beginning to sound lazy, aren’t I.

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