Move-in Ready

I’ve had birdhouses on my mind lately. Actually, these plans have been in my mind for a long while and I finally got myself outside and put those plans into action.

I’ve had an old mailbox lying around outside and I knew I was keeping it for something but I just didn’t know what. For the longest time I forbid myself to use it for anything because my son used it in his outside play area for a garage.

But now that he’s grown and in need of a much larger garage I am free to do what I please with the old mailbox. And I think that a little bird family will be very happy with it come spring. Don’t you?


Also, this old teapot has been around a long time. A friend gave it to me as a wedding gift years ago. That friend passed away several years ago and I just can’t seem to part with it. Once it was unusable in the kitchen it became a flower pot. Then the rust made it not very appealing as a flower pot. I don’t think the birds will mind a little rust on their new home this spring. They might even think it adds a little character.


My Captain and Boo helped me get these put up over the weekend. I know it will be awhile before spring gets here, but I wanted them up before spring arrived in hopes that little bird families will find them just perfect and move right in.

I love reusing things so they are not thrown in a dump somewhere wasting away. A what better way to use them than for birdhouses?

What kind of unusual things have you repurposed into a birdhouse? You never know you might give me an idea for something else I have lying around outside that I just can’t seem to part with.

Happy Monday!



5 comments on “Move-in Ready

  1. Oh Becky I love this idea, I am going hunting around here too. I made some out of the plastic lemonade bottles already had the hole too. But I love the use of old items! I love watching my birds build their lil nest. Several are very faithful and do each year.

  2. You should paint a little flag on the side of the mailbox. Loved both ideas and you never know the way the birds are confused over the weather here it may come in use sooner then later.

  3. I love these ideas!! I especially like the idea of finding things that can’t serve their original purpose but that have an emotional past (like your friend’s present) and finding another good use for it.

    You’re brilliant! 🙂

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