Smile – Junk

My Captain must always have a project waiting in the wings.

And by project I mean something for him to “tinker” with. Like this old Ford Bronco he recently acquired.

When he first brought it home I chided him for bringing home another piece of “junk” to adorn the farm.

Which explains why on Thanksgiving day the children played inside and out. The ladies cooked and chatted the day away. And the men hovered in, around, and over that old Ford Bronco until the engine finally fired and it sat there running like a well oiled machine.

Proving that The Captain in fact DID NOT buy another piece of “junk”.

Then they all began chiding me because they had proven me wrong.

The fact that we all spent the day together chatting, cooking, playing, hovering, chiding and laughing is what is making me smile.

What’s making you smile?

Happy Thursday!



10 comments on “Smile – Junk

  1. What makes me smile?
    Another new day and rejoicing in a sunrise of a day yet to be lived!
    Having family and friends on whom I can call–even if they aren’t physically in the house with me!
    The power of words to cheer, to encourage, to uplift, to inspire…words I can string together like jewels on an amulet and share with others.
    Life…for without life even a smile is not possible!
    “This is the day which the Lord hath made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!” Ps. 118:24 (KJV).

  2. Men sure like to tinker, don’t they? What makes me smile? My friends, family and all the Christmas shows and books that you see so much of during the holidays.

  3. what makes me smile is getting that bronco running in know time at all. that is an excellent machine!!! if you talk nice we might let yall girls go for a ride with us one day.

  4. Haven’t been around for a while, don’t know where my time goes, but it sure does seem to fly. Hoping you have one terrific week-end, at least what’s left of it. Tonight there’s suppose to be a Hallmark Christmas special on ABC at 9pm.

  5. I love the bronco-it’d fit right in around here for a project too : ) And I love the SNOW!!! I love it every year when you add it to the blog-now if we could both get some of the real stuff in our yards tee hee : )

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